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tizanidine hydrochloride

Zanaflex generic

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  • Active Ingredient: tizanidine hydrochloride
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Generic Zanaflex - A Muscle Relaxer Medicine


Generic Zanaflex is an effective muscle relaxant medication utilized to relax the stressed muscles. It has the potential to cure multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, and muscle spasms that are the core causes for the stressed muscles. This medication is used as a treatment for relaxing muscle pain caused by extreme stretching of body muscles. Its dynamic main constituent is competent enough to obstruct the signals released from spinal cord approaching the brain. This means that your brain does not obtain any signal indicating inflammation in any body part, this provides significant relaxation. This is an efficient curative that starts its process within approximately 10 to 30 minutes and imparts relief for up to 3 to 5 hours.
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Generic Zanaflex functions by soothing the affected muscles which are stressed by extreme strain. It obstructs the signals carrying sensation of inflammation that are sent towards the brain by the nervous system from the region where body muscles are compressed or strained. This drug consists of Tizanidine, which is a centrally functioning alpha-2 adrenergic agonist. In case of slight spinal damages, this medicine obstructs the signals release by the spinal cord approaching the brain.
Its active component Tizanidine has its influence on the polysynaptic pathway. Hence, the chief function of this medicine under such scenarios is to undermine the activities of spinal motoneurons that pass the signals indicating inflammation from the spinal cord to brain. drug is an effective curative for allergies which shows its influence in about 10 to 30 minutes after consumption and its effect persist for approximately 5 hours.


The standard suggested dose of this medication is 4 mg two times during the day. The dose of Generic Zanaflex can be adjusted up to 8 mg pill three times in a day or as mentioned in doctor's prescription. The drug should be administered orally and is best when imbibed with a full glass of water.
The dose of his medicine can also be adjusted to reduced strength of 2 mg in three schedules during the day or as suggested by your doctor, depending on the influences of the dose on your body. This medicine can be administered prior or post meal depending upon the doctor's advice. Maintaining a time gap of seven hours between two scheduled doses is suggested.

Side Effects

Drowsiness or Dizziness, heavy sweating, abnormal bleeding, bruising and flu are some common symptoms noticed in case of usage of Generic Zanaflex. These side effects are usually temporary and may fade away after some time. However, if these side effects persist for a longer time, it is advice to consult your doctor. However, if severe side effects such as puffed-up lips or face, protruded tongue or hives, head pain, lightheadedness, liver issues joints pain or fatigue are experienced, one should immediately call the doctor.


  • Avoid taking alcohol with the use of Generic Zanaflex as it may reduce the effect of the pill and may lead to adverse effects.
  • The drug may result in dizziness, lightheadedness, visual issues etc; hence, it is suggested to avoid tasks such as driving, operating machines etc.
  • Do not administer this drug if you allergic to Tizanidine or other components which are present in this drug.
  • If dehydrated mouth conditions are experienced any sugarless candy can provide help to certain extent.
  • This drug should not be given to pregnant women as it is listed in Pregnancy C category of drugs, which means that it is not confirmed whether the drugs may have it effects on the fetus or expecting female.
  • This drug may traverse through milk; hence in case of breastfeeding women this drug in not recommended without doctor's approval.
  • The active component of generic Zanaflex can influence the blood pressure; hence, people with blood pressure issue should consult their doctor prior to administering the pill.
  • Women on contraceptive medications should not take this medication as the combination may result in adverse effects and Zanaflex may also undermine the function of the contraceptive medication.
  • Before using the drug for relief in case of children it is essential to consult your doctor and confirm whether it will suit your child.
  • Individuals with chronic disorder and acute disease should consult their doctors before administering the pill.


  • Generic Zanaflex is an a2-adrenergic agonist drug and can result in hypotension, so the victims suffering with low blood pressure issues must check with their doctor before administering this medication.
  • In case of any individuals undergoing concurrent antihypertensive therapy, it is suggested to be highly cautious and talk to your health expert on the subject.
  • Avoid consuming this medication on regularly basis as it can make you addicted to the consumption of this drug and can cause adverse health hazards.



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