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Generic celebrex

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  • Active Ingredient: Celecoxib
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Generic Celebrex Tablet - Best Pain Reliever


Generic Celebrex is the medicine used to alleviate ache and inflammation resulted due to osteoarthritis, Bechterew's disease or commonly ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis or RA and excruciating menstruation, or menstrual symptoms. This drug is listed in Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs category which is also abbreviated as NSAIDs. Generic Celebrex is also used to cure softness or slight rigidity caused due to spinal injury and muscle spasms. Colorectal polyps found in patients along with FAP or familial adenomatous polyposis can also be cured by dosing this pain relief medicine. Celecoxib is the chief active component of the drug which offers significant and prolonged relief from pain, to the patients. There are numerous people relying on this medication due to its fast and helpful results.

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The drug shows an effective and fast action of mechanism in order to provide relief from pain. Its core function is to inhibit the COX-2 enzymes, which enhances the production and growth of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are chemical transmitter that sends the signal of arthritis inflammation. Generic Celebrex contains Celecoxib which is its main constituent that reduces the production and growth of pro-inflammatory hormones which are responsible for pain or inflammation experienced. In case of women menstruation, the drug can be helpful as it truncates pro-inflammatory hormones, which reduces menstrual pain. Similarly the medicine is also useful to get fast relief from pain caused due to osteoarthritis in joint of body.


The recommended dosage of Generic Celebrex is different for different disorder; however, in case of osteoarthritis the suggested dose in general case is 200 mg pill which should be taken once in a day. This dose can also be taken in two different schedules with 100 mg pill. In case of rheumatoid arthritis Generic Celebrex with strength of 100 to 200 mg is suggested twice a day. A person suffering from ankylosing spondylitis may take dose of 200 mg once or twice during the day. Dosage of this medication in case of Dysmenorrhea is higher, precisely 400 mg which can be taken twice during the day. One can increase the dose by 200 mg (that is 600mg) is the victim in experiencing severe pain. The drug works best when taking with milk or food. Make sure that you do not take this medication empty stomach. It is essential to maintain a gap of 10 hours between two schedules dosage or as instructed by doctor, as it takes 10 hours for the earlier dose to be washed completely from the body. Do not voluntarily increase your dosages without doctor's permission as it may lead to side effects or adverse health conditions. The best way to start the course of the medicine without any risk to your health is by consulting a doctor etc.

Side Effects

Generic Celebrex may also have side effects similar to most chemical based drugs. For example chest ache, breathing Issues, slurred speech, impaired vision, weakness, vomiting or nausea, truncated appetite, stomach ache, mild fever, darker urine, jaundice etc. These mentioned side effects are generally temporary and may fade away as you get acquainted with the medicine; however, consulting your doctor is the best practice if any of these side effects are noticed. There are some severe side effects such as intolerable tingling, dark or bloody fecal matter, roseolas, transudation of blood through vomit or cough. These are severe side effects which should be brought under doctor's notification immediately.


  • Generic Celebrex should not be deliberately or mistakenly consumed by children in any case.
  • If you are suffering from any chronic or acute disease it is suggested to consult your doctor. It is essential to inform you doctor about physical maladies such as abdominal ulcers or bleeding, kidney disease, liver disorder, heart attack issue, stroke, clotting of blood or blood related issues and seizure etc, before taking this medication.
  • Pregnant women should avoid administration of this medicine as it may cause abnormalities to the fetus.
  • Breast feeding women should also keep away from this drug as it may traverse through the milk and affect the baby.
  • Victims, who are in drugs for other diseases, should notify their doctors before taking Generic Celebrex. Especially drugs that contain sulfonamides should be avoided as it may react with the drug.
  • Older individuals should take doctor's advice before taking this medicine.
  • One should cease the intake of alcohol while on this medication as it may result in abdominal bleeding.


  • Individuals taking drugs consisting Fluconazole, Cyclosporine, lithium, and methotrexate must inform the doctor prior to taking the dose of generic Celebrex.
  • Avoid taking this medication consistently because this may lead to addiction of the drug and you may experience severe side effects.
  • People who are affected by seizures should unfailingly consult their health experts before taking this medication. Adjustment in dosage may be needed for such individuals.



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