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Maintaining the customer privacy is our topmost priority. We understand that no customer wants his information to be shared with anybody. Our customer believes in us and provides us with all the personal information. So, to withstand this trust we have come up with this privacy policy. This policy ensures that all the customer information we have is kept completely safeguarded and is never passed to any third party for any cause.

Your Information Security is Our Duty

We collect from our customers the shipping and billing name and address, email address, phone number and credit card information. We keep all these data is the database i.e. completely safeguarded and only the superior officers at have got the powers to access it. We guarantee that your personal information will never be used for any other purpose than completing the order.

Utilization of Customer Information

All the information with stored with us is solely for the business process. We provide our customers with the complete right to modify, update, change or erase your personal information that has been collected. We just store this information until the customer is having the account with us. The information collected from the customer is never changed from our side;we just store the information that too in the secure environment.

Privacy Policy Guarantee

Our privacy policy guarantees that your personal information is absolutely secure with us. clearly mention that all the information mentioned by you will never be given to any third party for any purpose. We keep it secure and nobody can force us to reveal your personal information.

No Spam Rule

Our privacy policy also stretches on the no spam rule. It mentions that we will never send you any promotional offers through your email addresses unless you have agreed to the promotional offers mail during the account creation. You may receive the newsletter from our website informing the addition of the new products or services only once in a month, but that too only if you are subscribed to it. If you receive any of the promotional mails and still you feel that this is inappropriate contact us immediately and we will look into the matter and you will not receive any promotional mails thereafter.

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