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Aspadol 100mg Tablet - Opioid Pain Medication

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Aspadol is an effective pain killer that is composed of Tapentadol. This drug is categorized as an opioid-pain relieving drug. This drug efficiently works to relieve mild to moderate pain. It interacts with some neurotransmitters and stops the pain sensations in the affected region. The Aspadol pills are used after major or minor surgery to relieve pain. You need to complete the course of Aspadol drug, do not stop taking this medicine abruptly. This drug provides instant pain relief than other drugs such as Tramadol. Aspadol a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor; it is a brain chemical that stimulates pain sensations. It shows its effect within 30 minutes. Take the Aspadol dosage as advised by your doctor to completely overcome pain.
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The standard dosage of Aspadol is 10mg. Its active ingredient Tapendol acts efficiently to inhibit the naturally occurring brain chemical that causes pain sensation. This process leads to enhanced extracellular norepinephrine (NE). It is the prime mechanism of Aspadol. To inhibit the reuptake of the brain chemical Aspadol binds to MOR receptors, which helps to increase the level of a brain chemical called noradrenaline. This whole process will lead to palliating pain. The Aspadol drug is rapidly absorbed in the blood; therefore, it works instantly.


  • After buying these pills, read the instructions given behind the package carefully to know about the dosage. However, it is a prescription-based medicine; thus, follow your doctor’s directions to use the drug correctly.
  • Take the Aspadol drug orally. One can take this drug with or without a meal. One who feels nauseous can take this drug with very light food instead of an empty stomach.
  • Stick to the advised dosage. Do not increase or decrease the dosage. The dosage of Aspadol is prescribed concerning an individual’s health and response to this drug.
  • Discontinue the Aspadol dosage when your doctor tells you. Do not discontinue the dosage abruptly. The Aspadol pills are highly effective when it is used when the pain has just begun.

Side Effects

Given below is the list of common side effects caused by Aspadol pills. These side effects do not last for a long time, and they do not cause harm to your health. They vanish away after the effect of the drug starts to subside. In case if these side effects last for a prolonged period, ask for medical help immediately. Also, if you experience any severe side effects, take medical help.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Giddiness
  • Sleepiness
  • Sleep apnea
  • Abdomen pain


  • Always take Aspadol under medical supervision, do not take this medicine on your own. Before initiate, Aspadol, always inform your doctor if you have any underlying health disorders. If you are suffering from severe illnesses such as asthma, seizures, kidney, or liver disorder, inform your doctor.
  • Also, if you are allergic to active or inactive ingredients of Aspadol pills, tell your doctor before you begin taking this pain-relieving drug.
  • Consumption of alcohol is prohibited while you are taking Aspadol pills as it will make you severely drowsy.
  • Older individuals are highly sensitive to the Aspadol side effects; therefore, they must take complete rest if they are taking this pill.


  • The Aspadol pills will cause severe drowsiness and dizziness; thus, you must avoid performing any activities that need to complete mental alertness.
  • If your doctor suggests you undergo a surgical procedure, report him that you are taking Aspadol pills.
  • This medicine is not safe for pregnant women as it may cause harm to your unborn child. You take Aspadol pills only if necessary during pregnancy. Consider the risks and perks with your physician.
  • Lactating women should avoid taking Aspadol pills as this drug have a higher chance to breach into the breast milk.



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My doctor advised me Aspadol tablets after my surgery to heal the pain due to the major stitches. I am happy with its results as it works rapidly to lower the pain.

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