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PharmaExpressRx reserves the right to only process and ship orders if the following terms and conditions are accepted with a confirmed agreement from the purchaser. The purchaser agrees to adhere to all these company regulations when placing an order with us:

  1. PharmaExpressRx, its employees, its physicians, dispensing pharmacies, and all related persons assume no liability for the use of any products supplied. Liability rests with the purchaser to use products under the guidance of a licensed physician.
  2. PharmaExpressRx, its employees, its physicians, dispensing pharmacies, and all related persons take no responsibility and liability for confirming the importation requirements, regulations and proprietary third party rights of the purchaser, and the purchaser's country of origin. All products are shipped: "at the full risk of the purchaser." in agreement of holding PharmaExpressRx, its employees, its physicians, dispensing pharmacies, and all related persons reserved towards any and all legal action that might be brought against the purchaser if not acting in accordance with the regulations and importation laws of the destination country.
  3. In the event an order is detained and confiscated by foreign customs, the loss rests completely with the purchaser, unless a copy of a confiscation notification from the customs agency or import authority in charge is provided to PharmaExpressRx. In this case, the purchaser is entitled to claim a full refund of the invoice amount or a free re-shipment.
  4. PharmaExpressRx will take responsibility for delivery only if: "A traceable and recorded method of shipment (Registered Shipment) is used." "The purchaser has provided correct shipping information."
  5. In the case the purchaser is entitled to claim a refund for a situation as described in sections (3) and (4), the due amount will be charged back to the originating account. PharmaExpressRx will trace a missed order only when notified at least 28 days for Registered Airmail or 14 days for EMS Speed Post and at most 44 days after date of shipping, processing may take up to 42 days for Registered Airmail and 21 days for EMS Speed Post.
  6. PharmaExpressRx takes no responsibility for lost orders, wrong deliveries, or product damage caused by the Postal Service.
  7. If the purchaser provides incorrect shipping information, the order might be misdelivered and/or returned to the sender. PharmaExpressRx takes no responsibility for order losses caused by this misdelivery or for losses occurring because shipments are usually non-returnable due to discreet shipping.
  8. Availability of products is subjected to change without further notice.
  9. In the event wrong products are received, the correct products will be re-shipped free of charge, provided the wrong products are returned unopened.
  10. In the event products arrive damaged due to improper packaging by PharmaExpressRx, products will be re-shipped free of charge if a claim is made and proof of improper packaging is given.
  11. Order cancellations after payment has been processed are not accepted.
  12. All information provided in PharmaExpressRx is for information purposes only. This information should not be used for diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing a health problem or prescribing a medication or to be substituted for medical advice. Always consult your own physician for advice and treatment.
  13. Customers agree not to make disputes or claims on payment for situations as described in sections (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6), or for any other reasons that would violate any term and condition in our Disclaimer. Any charge back, dispute, or payment claim that is attempted in contradiction of this Disclaimer is considered fraudulent and gives reason for prosecution. Furthermore, you are giving up your right to any type of solution and help from PharmaExpressRx for your order problem.

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