Customer Reviews
Richard Thompson, Illinois, US
I would suggest Malegra DXT for all those who are affected with the two common sexual maladies called erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. I have been using this medicine since over a year and have found that this is one of the rare effective drugs introduced by the medical industry.
Charles Garcia, California, US
If you are affected with ED as well as PE at the same time, then mark my words that you will find relief through Malegra DXT. I too have ED and PE and I am still using this medicine. But I do it as per suggestion from my doctor.
Joseph Martinez, Texas, US
I thought that being affected with early ejaculation and impotence is gonna cost me a fortune. But fortunately I found Malegra DXT which has dual action and treats both the conditions. It is a cheaper treatment than most other treatments for sexual issues.
Thomas Robinson, Oklahoma, US
I am using Malegra DXT since 7 months and have found that the drug works effectively against both ED as well as PE. I like this drug because I can conveniently deal with my sexual disability by just order the medicine online; receiving and popping a pill and hour before intercourse. Malegra DXT has made life easy and pleasurable.
James Anderson, Florida, US
I usually fail to attain erection so I use Malegra DXT for erection and longevity. This is a single medicine which works on both the condition effectively as far as I have experience.
John Thomas, Oklahoma, US
Impotence and premature ejaculation are two leading dreaded sexual condition and I was affected with both at the same time. I underwent treatment and my doctor suggested that each of the condition will be handled separately one after the other. This would take a long time and I was aware of that so I consulted another doctor and asked him whether I can use Malegra DXT to which he approved and I am happy in my marriage.
Robert Jackson, California, US
If I don't use Malegra DXT I fail to have an erection and my wife is displeased, this hints her whether I have used the drug or not. So before we mutually enter into bed, she makes sure that I took the pill.
Gabriel Roy, Ontario, Canada
Malegra DXT is one of the rarest treatments that I came across the drug provides dual action to eradicate both ED and early ejaculation problem. This is what I was looking from since over a year.
Hudson Johnson, Quebec, Canada
Believe me, it is highly troublesome to be affected with premature ejaculation even when you cannot have an erection. These conditions are debilitating and can keep you from having a pleasurable sexual relationship. I used Malegra DXT to deal with it and it worked for me.
Michael White, Florida, US
I am a 38 year old man and have tried numerous herbal and other natural ways to eradicate ED and moreover recently I was also diagnosed with PE, don't know what is causing it. But a friend of mine who works for a pharmacy suggested me using Malegra DXT or similar composition. I can now have erection harder than before and perform sex for longer time.
William Harris, California, US
Ask any men affected with ED how difficult life become I guess I am one of the unfortunates who are affected with ED as well as early ejaculation issues. I was confused and was desperate in need of a treatment to solve the problem and luckily I found a solution Malegra DXT which was a perfect answer to all my sexual worries.
David Martin, Colorado, US
Penile softness during intercourse and early climax are two most common sexual problems in men. I have experienced that these issues can be handled with one medicine Malegra DXT which worked for me impressively.
Connor Anderson, Bristish Columbia, Canada
I am a man ageing 43 years and I am affected with premature ejaculation primarily. Secondarily there is a slight incipience of erectile dysfunction. Now I have adopted exercises but I need something to deal with it at the moment so I use Malegra DXT which is the best so far.