Customer Reviews
Sandra Lewis, Texas, US
I was suffering from fever and cough since three days to which my doctor said it's a respiratory infection. He prescribed me Amoxil and told me to take for 10 days. Gradually, my cough and fever decreased significantly. I guess this antibiotic is the best medicine for respiratory infections caused by bacteria.
Betty Johnson, Shetland, UK
I was having urinary tract infection on and off with complaints of burning and painful micturition. I took Amoxil as prescribed by my physician and I found it very effective in holding off my infection that relieved me from my pain and discomfort.
Mark Baker, Michigan, US
I was having nasty tonsillar infection that made my throat sore and had pain while consuming food or water. My doctor suggested me Amoxil and told me to take it for at least 10 days. The antibiotic started its work within 24 hours of consumption. I started feeling better after few hours but for initial few days I was feeling sleepy that made me feel more better.
Ian Shaw, Kent, UK
My doctor advised me to take Amoxil for my chest infection. After taking this medicine, my chest congestion was significantly reduced, as I feel the bacterial colonization was greatly reduced by this super antibiotic.
Laura Collins, Wisconsin, US
Amoxil is the best antibiotic medicine, which has the capability to reduce any sort of bacterial infection. I was having bad tonsillitis for which my doctor prescribed me Amoxil for 10 days. Within 2-3 days I started feeling better, but I had to complete my course of therapy, so that my infection does not recur.