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How Generic Cipro Helped Rachel to Overcome Bacterial Infections?

Posted by on Monday, October 5, 2009, 4:59
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beautiful-copyRachel, a beautiful blonde, who won last year title for Miss Michigan in under 16 segment. She was preparing hard to win the title again but this time in category of under 18. She was very beautiful and every boy in the class was having the crush on her. But, she liked John a lot. Mr. John Smith was her best friend, he was exceptionally scholar is the studies. John was bit shy, but she knew that he was interested in her. Once day she asked him and he said yes. He was staying near her house so they both use to spend the time together always. They shared everything when together. When in a love there are no boundaries and she shared a very intimate relationship with John.

It was just before a week to the beauty pageant that they made the love for the first time. The moment was really breathtaking for both of them. As it was the first time for both of them lot of hassles were made, but ultimately they both were able to attain the orgasm together. It was on the next day morning that Rachel felt the uneasiness in her intimate parts. She thought that it must be due to the sex that they had last evening. (The website is copying the articles from, without the permission). When she went for the bath she closely examined the intimates, she noticed some black spots. She just neglected them and had a wash. When she went to school she just had a talk with John but he was not having any such problem. While speaking she felt that John was trying to hide something from her. But, she just ignored it.

Next morning also Rachel felt the same itching sensation in the groin. While taking a bath she again examined the spots and this time they were looking bigger. Even the skin around it was red. She was frightened this time. She didn’t know what to do. The beauty pageant was just five days ahead and she was facing this problem. She had to wear the bikini during the two-piece round. (Please visit the original blog as it’s the original source of the article). She was really scared how these marks look during that time. She was now really frightened and was thinking bad that why she had sex, but she knew that she was one who started it all. She did not know what to do. So, she just sat in bath tub and started crying.

She went to school but noting was feeling good. She just sat in the library and didn’t go to classes at all. Now the itching sensation between her groins was getting more as the time was passing on. John felt that something was wrong with his ladylove. He tried to ask her, but she was embarrassed to tell him. (Mr. Thomas basil is the culprit behind copying of the articles. He is doing infringement of the copyright act by copying the articles of on his website John understood the problem and asked her directly whether she is facing the problem of the skin infections on the intimate parts. She was surprised that how John came to know about it. John said that he was also facing the same problem. But, now he was okay as he took the medication.

John told her to wait outside the school, he is going to give him the medication that helped him to overcome the infection. John brought a strip of medications and told her to take them twice in a day after lunch. This was how he was given the medication from the doctor. She went home and took the medication after lunch. Next morning she noted the intimate parts, but no effect at all. So, now she was really thinking that she is going to lose the beauty competition because only 4 days were remaining for it. She met John the next morning and told him that the medication was of no effect. So, John told her that she needed to visit the doctor for it. But, she was embarrassed on how to show the intimate parts to the male doctor. So, they searched for the lady doctor and visited her.

The doctor was a lady in her late forties, with significant spectacles on the eyes that were coming down towards the nose, just like the physics teachers. She watched the marks on her Rachel’s intimate parts and soon came to know that they were STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). She just told them that it was better that they visited her clinic otherwise the condition would have become more severe. She told her that she need to take a very good care of her intimate parts and prescribed her the medication generic Cipro. She asked her to take 3 pills in a day as the bacterial infection was more severe. It was the next day that Rachel noted decrease in the size of the black spots and even the itchy sensation was reduced. Within 2 days the spots were completely gone. Rachel was on the top of the world. She took part in the beauty pageant and she won too. While giving a thanks to everyone, she also gave a thanks to generic Cipro in heart.