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Quit Smoking to Enjoy Sex More

Posted by on Monday, September 28, 2009, 3:34
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quit-smokingQuit smoking today to enjoy sex more. If you are smoking a lot then it is going to affect your sexual stamina. It has been noted that men who smoke a lot end up too quickly in the bed. Even the scarcity of the mature sperms is noted in the smokers. Even the rise in infertility in women is noted due to the smoking problem. It is necessary to quit smoking as it affects the sex life of the person very much. If you want to stay potent then please do quit smoking. There are numerous ill effects of the smoking. Along with the sex life it also reduces the longevity and reduces about 10 years of your lifespan. One of the best options to quit smoking is the use of the pill generic Zyban. It is the medication that helps the smokers to quit smoking completely within a short period of time.

The problem of smoking is slow damaging and it adversely affects each and every part of your body. Slowly and steadily all your body parts starts functioning abnormally due to the unhealthy habit of smoking. The unhealthy habit of smoking affects the nerves in the penile region very badly. Due to this the person loses the control over the ejaculation. As a result the person suffers with the premature ejaculation. The mechanism of the ejaculation is being controlled by the nerves as the nerves are damaged due to the smoking. The person fails to control the ejaculation and as a result suffer wit the ejaculation problem. It has been noted that if the person gives the smoking habit, the nerves damage is reversible. The nerves start functioning properly that ultimately results in the proper control over the ejaculation.

In women loss of sensitivity in the vaginal region is being observed due to the smoking. This happens due the tobacco amount in the body that damages the veins in the vaginal region and makes the area insensitive. These women face too many problems in attaining the orgasm. They even fail to attain the orgasm many times. These women feel disinterested in the sex as they don’t enjoy it at all. For such women there is only one option that is quit smoking at the earliest.

You can quit smoking easily and in short duration with the help of the generic Zyban pills. It is the medication that contains bupropion as the active constituent. It reduces the urge to smoke in an individual that ultimately helps the person to quit smoking easily. Once you quit smoking completely then it will ultimately lead to the improvement in the vein condition. This will improve blood supply to the vaginal region and you would be enjoying good sensitivity in the vaginal region. Thus, sex would be enjoyable for you. Only pregnant women are advised to not to take generic Zyban as it my affect the growth of the fetus.

The occurrence of the erectile dysfunction is found to be prominent among the men who smoke a lot. This happens due to the disturbance in the blood supply caused due to the excessive amount of the tobacco in body. The male reproductive doesn’t get the required blood supply and thus the person fails to attain the erection or maintain the erection during the sexual activity. It has been noted that more than 50% of the smokers face the problem of erectile dysfunction. If you smoke a lot then you are bound to face the erection problems. So, please try to give the smoking habit at the earliest otherwise you may get impotent permanently and then no other medication would be able to help you. The best medication recommended to quit smoking is generic Zyban.