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Stress Can Cause Excessive Weight Gain

Posted by on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 22:21
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Stress is the root cause of the many human ailments and recently it has been linked to the excessive weight gain. A person who feels stressed is found to be gaining weight at double the pace than that of normal man. Stress is the phenomenon when your neurons in the brain get stressed due to the excessive thinking or even too much physical work. When all your energy reservoirs in the body gets finished you start feeling stress. What does this stress exactly means? Stress is nothing but the state of mental or physical strain on the person. Stress is the birth place of many abnormal health conditions. Whoever feels that he is too much stressed should visit the doctor immediately before it gives rise to other health disorders.

Stress causes the weight gain. It was studied during the study that maximum number of stressed individuals suffers with the excessive weight gain or they are obese. Stress is found to make the metabolism rate in the body slow, which results in the excess of fats and carbohydrates that are not burned, gets accumulated in the body and leads to the excessive weight gain. This happens with the disturbance in secretion of Cartisol, the stress hormone. Cartisol maintains the fat level in the body, but due to the problems in its secretion the fats gets unevenly distributed in the body leading to the excessive weight gain. Cartisol level in the body is of great important, so try to avoid getting too stressed because it will affect the Cartisol levels and will promote weight gain.

Stress is also found to disturb the testosterone levels in the body. The person who is stressed is found to have very less levels of testosterone. As the testosterone is reduced the protein mass in the body is reduced, which leads to the increase in the fats and carbohydrates. This way stress causes the excessive weight gain that is not good for the health at all. Stress is makes your lifestyle disgusted, so you eat whatever and quit eating the healthy diet routine. This additionally leads to the excessive amounts of unsaturated fats in the body, which later on gets deposited on the hips, stomach, and chest. Thus, it makes you bulky and fat in those body parts. Due to the stress some people have reported about 12 pounds of weight gain in a month. This way you can really look like a fat balloon if you don’t cut down the stress in your life.

Stress increases the sugar levels in the body, thus making you prone to the diabetes. This once gains causes the weight gain due to the excessive amount of the sugars in the body. As the sugar level rises, even you weight may increase more. But, diabetes and stress are interrelated. So, stay away from both to leave a healthy life. Nowadays due to the recession people are facing very much mental stress as they always have to think about their money. Recession is also making the people to eat the low quality unhealthy food which is very high in fats. As a result the weight gain is boosted.

A study was conducted to check whether stress results in the weight gain. It concluded that 90% of the stressed people have the excessive weight gain as simultaneous reaction to the stress. So, a person should avoided putting too much pressure on himself to stay away from stress. Other thing is that to combat the stress one should start doing the exercise daily. This will not only increase your stamina, but will also help you to combat stress. Even the adequate amount of sleep can help to fight the stress. So, start living a healthy lifestyle, if you want to stay away from the stress and excessive weight gain.