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Men’s Wardrobe Essentials to Look Fashionable

Posted by on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 22:18
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Men generally don’t think about the fashion and style a lot, but this is what affects their professional and social life. Men should pay a proper attention towards the clothing and style to look fashionable and attract the opposite sex. For this they need to maintain there wardrobe with the essential components that will help them to make the proper dressing style as per the occasion. The first thing men should do while arranging the wardrobe essentials is to study their own lifestyle. Here, is the list of men’s wardrobe essentials to look fashionable—

1. Simple white shirt: Every man should have a white shirt in his wardrobe because it looks good on anything you wear. It makes you like genuine and gives you the most elegant look. But, keep the white shirt clean and use it only once otherwise it may look dull and create a bad impression.

2. A suit: A man in the suit is the most appealing. It is the gentleman’s way of dressing. So, suit is the most essential in the men’s wardrobe. Try to buy mostly the classic suits and blazers. You can wear them even over the jeans or khakis. Gray, Navy, and Black colored suits are must for the men’s wardrobe.

3. Formal trousers, jeans, and khakis: All these three type of trousers are essential in men’s wardrobe. Jeans you may require whenever you go out for normal outdoors, and formals for official use and khakis can serve both the purpose. Please include dark color trousers, blue color denims, and brown color khakis in your wardrobe.

4. Winter coat: This is must because it helps you safeguard from the cold winters. Even it looks lot stylish along with the winter protection. Choose dark or bright colors depending on your complexion. Include winter coats at least 2 in number so one you can select with dark color and one with faint color.

5. Tie collection: Have a variety of the tie collection at least 10 in number. Buy different types of ties. You should have solid tie, stripes tie, plan colored tie, and design tie in your wardrobe collection because this will help you to match them perfectly with your suit and occasion.

6. Black shoes and belt: These are necessary in every man’s wardrobe. Black shoes and belt are the fundamentals of fashion. Black shoes should be always polished perfectly if you want to wear them. Black leather belt and black shoes, you should at least have 2 pairs.

7. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are a very good option for showing your style statement. A couple of sunglass with the brown and black eye glasses are must in the men’s wardrobe. Then not only protect you from the ultraviolet rays of sun but also make you look trendy and cool.

8. Shorts, athletic wear, T-shirts, and beach wear: Shorts are must as you need to wear them when you want to relax. Athletic wear should be included in wardrobe, as you may be spending some time exercising. T-shirts are the way to look young, and beach wear also should be there if you might be visiting beach every weekend.

9. Jackets: Jackets are men’s wear that makes them look manly. Men with jackets riding the bikes are most appealing to the women. So, to attract the opposite sex, one should have leather jackets in his wardrobe.

10: Woolen sweater: Woolen sweater and specifically the red and blue colors look great during the winters. As in most of the parts of the US winters are bit cold. Wearing overcoats or jackets doesn’t look good always. So, you must have at least 2 sweaters in your wardrobe to match the style with the occasion.

Mentioned above are the men’s wardrobe essentials to look fashionable.