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Smoking Cessation is Mandatory to Maintain Fitness

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2010, 3:47
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The habit of smoking is the one of the major reasons behind the numerous health complications noted in the people. To improve health smoking cessation is mandatory as smoking is the root cause of many health disorders. Nearly 40% of the people worldwide are addicted to smoking due to which they get prone to many diseases. It has been noted that smoking reduces the life longevity of the person by about 10 years. The overall health status of the smoking individual is noted to be very less in comparison to the normal men. Smoking cigarettes is the indication that already you are suffering with some health disorder. The most dangerous and fatal outcome of the smoking is cancer that may kill you within 2 to 3 years.

Smoking is an act of suicide; you can even compare smoking with slow poisoning. Death is proponed by the act of smoking. If you want to stay a life in a healthy way, then you must quit smoking today. People smoke for many silly reasons, but this is what creates lots of health complications. When a survey was conducted to know about the reasons for smoking it was noted that many people smoke to combat stress and tensions, youngsters smoke just for fashion and style. Teens find smoking as trendy. Many other useless reasons for smoking were noted. Some people feel that with smoking get recharged and that’s the reason they give it for smoking. Yes, smoking a cigarette acts as stimulant, but nevertheless it damages your health adversely.

The main constituent of the cigarette is tobacco that acts the nervous system stimulant and gives the temporary relief from the stress and tensions. The smoke of the tobacco contains many narcotic elements that are fatal to your health. As you inhale the smoke these harmful elements enter your body and start damaging your health permanently. For few months you will not notice any change in your health, but slowly and steady the tobacco smoke will go on damaging your internal body systems. The worst thing about smoking is that you never know when you get addicted to the smoking. One day you suddenly realize that you need to smoke cigarette otherwise you feel abnormal. This way a person gets addicted to it and gets prone to various health disorders.

The smoke of the tobacco contains carcinogens that lead to the occurrence of the cancer. Mouth cancer is the most commonly observed outcome of the smoking. Cancer of esophagus (food pipe), liver, pancreas, stomach, kidney, bladder and cervix, and some types of leukemia are noted to be occurring due to the smoking. Heart disorders are being noted to be occurred due to the smoking. The cardiovascular health of the person who smokes a lot would be deteriorated by the unhealthy habit of smoking. The chances of heart attack are being increased among the smokers as there cholesterol levels are always high.

Other health disorders noted due to the smoking are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. People suffer with this problem as the amount of tobacco in the body affects blood supply to the male reproductive system. The scarcity of mature sperms or less sperm count is noted in the people who smoke a lot. In women the pregnancy failures are noted due to the smoking. Sexual health of the person is being deteriorated due to the smoking. Premature aging is another outcome of the smoking. The immune system of the person is being noted due to the affected adversely due to the smoking; there resistance power is very low. So, to avoid all these diseases smoking cessation is mandatory.