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Eat Balanced Diet to Stay Healthy

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2010, 3:45
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Balanced diet is the utmost requirement of the body to stay healthy and to have a good resistance power against the abnormal health conditions. Balanced diet is explained as the intake of the food that must have adequate amount of nutrients. Balanced diet includes requited quantity of proteins, vitamins, fats, minerals, and carbohydrates. When these all nutrients are available in sufficient amount in the body then a person has a healthy physique. Even the required amount of water (body fluids) is an important part of the balanced diet. Many organizations are saying that non-vegetarian food is harmful to health, but I strongly believe that non-vegetarian food is also a part of the balanced diet when taken in a controlled amount. The perfect combination of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian accomplishes the goal of balanced diet.

Proteins play a very important role in the body functions, so proteins should be included in the daily diet. Proteins are the building blocks of the healthy body. Non-vegetarian food items like meat and chicken are rich in proteins, and in vegetarian foods spinach, soybean, milk, and milk products are rich protein source. But, please remember that maintain the protein levels in adequate amount otherwise excessive amounts may damage your health. Give a special importance to vitamins in the diet because they help all the body functions to perform well. There are total 13 different vitamins that assist essential biochemical reactions within your body. Vitamin A maintains the good ocular health. The problems of vision are solved by the Vitamin A. It also keeps the cartilage health at the best. Every vitamin has got different duties in the body and hence all of them are required in adequate quantities.

Minerals are integral part of the balanced diet in the body to stay healthy. Iron is most important mineral that is helpful to maintain the hemoglobin. Sodium is needed by the all body cells in order to do the food circulation. Iodine is useful in making growth hormones that promotes the growth of body parts. Calcium is required for healthy muscles, bones, and teeth. Carbohydrates and Fats also are essential part of the balanced diet as they are best energy resource. They provide the required energy for all the body functions. Carbohydrates and Fats helps the body to develop a very good immune system, thus the person doesn’t fall ill easily. But, please note that more amounts of carbohydrates and fats can damage your health and make you prone to obesity and excessive weight gain. So, please keep the carbohydrate and fat intake in control.

Vegetables and fruits are the most important part of the balanced diet; they provide the good amount of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Please include at least one fruit in your daily diet because it helps to remove the excessive amount of fats and carbohydrates from your body. Non-vegetarian items like meat, chicken, eggs also should be eaten at least twice or thrice in a week. This way, even the amount of the proteins in the body stays in an adequate amount.

Water is also an important part of the balanced diet. Water is an essential content to the body as it guides all the body functions and maintains the body temperature. Sugars i.e. glucose is required by the body in adequate amount in order to maintain the energy levels in the body. Balanced diet is the need of the body. Risk of heart diseases is decreased, immune system is improved, weight is maintained, blood pressure is normalized, etc are the advantages of the balanced diet. So, a person should start eating the balanced diet today, in order to stay healthy.