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Simple Tips to Avoid Infections

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2010, 4:20
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Infections are making our life difficult, last year it was the Bird Flue that made every one of us to worry a lot, and this year it is Swine Flu that is making our life more difficult. Infections have been spreading like the any means and are making us to suffer with them. Many people have even lost their lives due to the infections. Whatever we eat, drink, do, everything must be done very carefully to stay away from the infections. Infections are mainly caused due to the microorganisms. Various microorganisms like Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, and Protozoa cause the infections on humans that may lead to death. But, by following some simple things you can safeguard yourself from the variety of infections. Here are some tips to avoid infections—

1. Wash your hands regularly to stay away from the infections. Especially after eating and after going to the bathrooms. Also, make it a point to make your young kids to follow this routine. This will help you a lot to keep away the hazardous infections.

2. Avoid visiting the crowded places like malls, cinema halls, prayer halls, and market places when the infection is on high.

3. Specifically if the infection is easily communicable then please wear the face masks as this would be helping you a lot to stay away from the infection.

4. Keep your house clean; make it a habit to clean the shower and bathtub areas as they are places for the infections causing microorganisms to grow. If you spray a mold killer after every shower or bath, you would not have to clean as often. Just remember to rinse the tub out before bathing.

5. Many of the skin infections are caused by the means of clothes that are hanged outside for drying. On these clothes microorganisms stay attached. Instead you can use clothes dryer or hang your clothes inside to dry.

6. Don’t keep the household garbage near the area where you eat. Try to keep it outside the house. Use plastic bags in your trash receptacles ….don’t empty the trash by scooping the garbage out with your hands.

7. Many of the microorganisms enter the human body through the means of food. So, try to avoid the roadside foods and when at home always keep the food covered with the dishes. Also make it a point to buy the packed vegetables.

8. Maintain good hygiene. Specifically keep your intimate parts clean as they may get infected to various infections. After urinating or defecating wipe from the front to the back to prevent urinary tract or vaginal infections.

9. Always drink the boiled water. Many of the infections are spread through the means of water. When you boil the water the infecting microorganisms die.

10. Don’t share pillows, bed sheets, and garments with any of your close friends or relatives. Also avoid using the utensils, cups or dishes that somebody else has used.

11. Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, using tissue when possible. Dispose this tissue by using only once.

12. Avoid using the public urinals as they may be the spreading grounds for the infections.

13. Finally, take special care of the children as they are most susceptible to the infections. Ask your kid to maintain good hygiene and follow some of the above rules to stay away from infections.

These are the simple tips to avoid infections. I assure you that if you use these tips strictly then you will be living an infection free life.