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Simple Style Tips for Men

Posted by on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 21:44
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Men really are not so good with the style, so they are always confused with choice of clothes. Men are straight forward in their style statement and don’t experiment with their dressing style. This attitude of men towards clothing makes them prone to awful dressing style. Many times due to the improper dressing style men are unable to impress the women. Style quotient is found to be somewhat low as compared with the women. So, men really need to learn a bit about style and fashion if they want to create an impression.

Here, are some of the simple style tips for men:

1. Wear bright color clothes

Bright color clothes are the best thing to put an impression. Wearing the dull colors gives an impression that you are also the dull personality. Even the overall ambience expressed by the bright colors is fascinating and surely creates your impact on others. Bright colors are found to be very influencing and you will certainly be able to impress the opposite sex with such use of colors.

2. Ensure proper fitting

Fitting can make a remarkable change in your clothing style. Wearing the fitting clothes is the first step to be fashionable. Do make sure that everything you wear is almost hugging the curves of your body, and please don’t wear too tight clothes. Remember that this clothing style should not be used by too fat men as this may make them look ugly. Proper fitting is anything between too loose and too tight, or best way is what you are most comfortable in.

3. Simplicity

Simplicity is the key to success and it also is a way to look stylish. Simple people make great style statements. Wearing simple clothes can really work the things in your favor. Simple men are most liked by the women. The clothing is the thing that creates the first impression on the person, so please take a good time to think about it.

4. Dress according to occasion

Dressing according to the occasion is very important style tip for men. Dressing for an office should be different that dressing for the party. Men are not so cordial about dressing so they wear anything for any occasion. So, please note that you should wear different clothes in party than the office. And do wear special clothes when you are going out for a date.

5. Clean Clothes

Cleanliness is the must requirement, whatever you wear. If you are not clean then no style could help you. Men should remember that cleanliness is must in every corridor of life. If you are clean and well groomed then people will give you the due attention, but if you are dirty with unclean clothes then everybody will neglect you.

6. Clean shave

The equation of style is—clean shave means you have already gained few points. Clean shave is the gentleman’s way and is mostly adored by the opposite. If you are keeping a French cut then please keep it well cut otherwise it will look clumsy.

7. Smell good

Smelling good is must for the men to create an impression. Please do use a body deodorant because sometimes you sweat a lot and this gives rise to unpleasant smell. Do use only pleasant smelling deodorant otherwise it may make the situation worse.

8. Right choice of shoes

Shoes are the important part of style. Whatever you wear if it doesn’t match with the shoe combination then it may really look bad. Please try to wear the classic or trendy shoes in accordance with the clothes you are wearing. If you are wearing jeans and t-shirt then trendy shoes will be best choice, but if you are sporting formals then classic shoes will suit you.

9. Care for hair

Hairs can play a great role in making your style statement. There is a real feeling of freedom that comes with a closely groomed head. If you do, then go to a good stylist. Your hair is the one accessory you need to wear every day. It’s worth a great cut. Cut the hair in the manner that suits your face.

10. Experimenting

Experimenting is must for everybody. Doing the experiments will allow you to know what suits best on you, this way you could be able to create your own style of dressing. Please try the experimenting option only when you are not dressing for any occasion. And do keep in mind that experiments not always look good, but they will surely make you aware that what looks bad on you and from next time you can avoid it.