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Ten Exercises to Burn Belly Fats

Posted by on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 21:40
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Belly fats are the most hazardous way of gaining weight. It has proved through the many research that excessive belly fats is the symptoms of abnormal heart conditions. Even the many other health problems have been linked with the belly fats. The entire look of the person gets affected by the belly fat and you start looking a heavy penguin with the excessive weight in the belly. Really those extra pounds of the fat on your stomach devastate your life. The sex life of the men with excessive belly fats is found to be very much disturbed because these men are not able to have sex in the missionary position as there belly comes in between. These men also fail to have the sexual intercourse. Obesity is the later concern that may be caused by the excessive belly fats. So, it is the necessity that every person should lose the belly fats and should remain fit and fine.

List of exercises that burn belly fats is as follows:

1. Crunches

This is the first exercise that we all know can do wonders for you if practiced regularly. Yes, crunches are the best exercise to lose the belly fats. Weight loss is also promoted by the crunches. You can develop the abs by practicing the crunches for about 3 months. And the significant change can be observed visually.

2. Aerobics

Aerobics is the form of the entire body workout, which helps the person to lose the entire body weight. You can specifically do the aerobics that specifically put the pressure on belly and benefits you by losing the belly fat. Aerobics session for about an hour thrice in a week can help you to lose the belly fat.

3. Jogging

Jogging is the easiest form of exercise to burn belly fat. To see the effect you need to do jogging daily at least for about 4 months. You should do jogging at least for about 30 minutes regularly to burn belly fats. After jogging you can also sprint for about 2 to 5 minutes this will really help a lot. Jogging fastens the metabolism rate, which in turn stops the deposition of the excessive fat in belly region.

4. Yoga

Yoga is the slow process in showing effect, but you will get the permanent resolution to your problem. If you want to lose the belly fat permanently then yoga is the only option, because with all other exercises, once you leave them the fat will accumulate again, but with Yoga you will get the permanent relief.

5. Leg Raises

Leg raises helps you burn the fats on the lower belly. The weight loss on lower part of the belly is difficult than the weight loss on upper part of the belly. So, start doing leg raises today if you want your body shape to be good otherwise it will look abnormal. Leg raises can be performed by sleeping on the back and then raising the legs till 90 degree. Please do at least 50 repetitions to see the effect.

6. Sit –ups

Doing sit –ups is the basic exercise to lose fats on the belly. Do sit-ups twice in a day with more than 20 repetitions every time. This will certainly show you the results within a month. But, please continue this exercise at least for about 6 months so that you can get the long-lasting effect.

7. Captain chair

Captain chair is the form of the exercise that you need to perform while sitting on the chair. In this exercise you need to sit on the chair and then lift your legs up for and then hold them close to your chest for about a minute and then leave them down slowly. So, perform this exercise to burn belly fats rapidly. In 2 weeks time you will see the effects but need to do at least 40 repetitions.

8. Swimming

Swimming helps to reduce the entire body fats and thus is also helpful to burn the belly fats. You need to do swimming daily and for about 20 minutes then only your belly fats would be reduced. Please do the front strokes and butterfly type of swimming to get the desired results within a short span of time.

9. Planks

In this form of exercise sleep facing the floor then lift your legs and hands up and try to intercept them. Then remain is such a position for about 30 seconds and get your hands and legs to normal position slowly. Perform this exercise daily for about 10 minutes and you will really lose a lot of belly fat.

10. Rope jumping

Rope jumping is a useful exercise to lose the whole body weight. You can do this simple exercise daily and remain free from the excessive weight gain. Rope jumping increases the consumption rate of the body fats thus the excessive fats on the stomach gets reduced.

So, if you want to burn the belly fats then do follow these exercises.