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Overcome Jealousy to Strengthen Relationship

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2010, 4:28
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Jealousy is the normal human feeling and every one of us has felt it at least once in a life. No relationship is safe from jealousy, but to strengthen our relationship we need to overcome jealousy. When you love somebody too much, then jealousy is bound to happen. The person who is never jealous would be an exception or I feel not even a human being. Only God can exist without jealousy. In relationship we believe that the way we give important to our partner would be the same from other side, but we forget that he/she is different than us. The problem starts from here.

Many times consistent failure can also result into jealously. Jealousy is just another euphemism for psychotic behavior. Jealousy is nothing but to cope with our sorrows and failures, it is the way through which we show our frustration. Small amount of jealousy in any relationship is okay or in fact good for it, but once it gets out of control then it may affect your relationship badly. Jealousy can further lead to aggression or violence. This is what the dangerous part of the jealousy. Many cases in which one partner had killed another are noted due to the jealousy.

In simple words jealousy can be described as strong desire for someone else’s position or stature. Jealously in relationship may occur due to various reasons. But, if you love each other then you must overcome jealously in order to make your relationship more trustworthy. You need to control your tense emotions in order to overcome jealousy. Like we have physical disorders, jealousy is the mental disorder and can be cured or even can be prevented if we taken certain care. The first thing would be to do the self study in order to find out the exact reason why you are jealous. Then try to make the things clear and then try to change your way of thinking on that particular issue. If you are feeling jealous that she is talking to too many men and you don’t like it, then best thing would be to always be with her.

Another way to control jealousy would be tell your partner directly about it and use the different point of view like he was doing wrong thing when you were talking to him. So, you must change your approach of getting the things done rather than just getting jealous about it.

Jealousy must be controlled at the initial levels in the relationship. If you leave it untreated then it may get dangerous as the relationship progresses. Your mind will go out of your control and you may do the things that you never intended to do. The jealous person does everything for the betterment of the partner, but it unknowingly hurts the partner and the relationship suffers. To deal with the jealousy you must think practically and should deal with the reality.

Everything doesn’t happen as we think so sometimes we should learn to forget and forgive. This will help you to keep away from jealousy. In fact you can even talk to your partner and set up certain rules for each other. This way you can make it to the notice of your partner that when and how you feel jealous and what all you don’t like. You need to learn lot of self control in order to avoid jealousy. You can also get the professional help if you are not able to restrain yourself from being jealous. Being competitive is good, but if it jealously then it will surely spoil your relationship with the partner. Thus, if your nature is jealous then try to make it subtle and make yourself adjusted with your partner to avoid jealousy.