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Myths and Facts About Weight Loss

Posted by on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 22:10
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Excessive weight gain has really become a problem of concern nowadays. It has observed through the studies that 55% of the US population is suffering with either excessive weight gain or obesity. Due to inadequate knowledge people are following the wrong methods to lose weight. The myths are being believed by the people, thus it is affecting there health considerably. So, one has to stop believing on the weight loss myths to lose weight and remain fit. Below mentioned are some most prevalent myths and facts about weight loss—

1. Myth: Skipping lunch or breakfast promotes weight loss

Fact: This is the most prevalent myth that many people follow to promote weight loss. But, sorry to say, it isn’t true. By skipping the lunch or breakfast, you will not promote the weight loss, whereas you will make yourself ill. The stamina and health of the person will completely deteriorate by skipping lunch or breakfast. The important thing is you need to lose weight, but not by falling yourself ill or by making your body functions perform abruptly. You need to control the diet, but not skip it. Control your calorie intake, avoid eating fatty foods, and cut down the intake of carbohydrates. This way you can lose weight without damaging your health.

2. Myth: It is hard to lose weight as excessive weight gain is hereditary

Fact: This is absolutely wrong. With sheer determination and hard work you can lose weight easily and even in a short span of time. Research studies have surely shown that biological child tend to have similar body weight like its parents. Yes, those with family history of obese or fat ancestors have double chances of suffering with obesity or fatness. But, that doesn’t mean that exercise and healthy diet can not promote weight loss in you. The most important factor is how much calories you eat and how much you activity you do to burn them. So, don’t blame your genes for this. You can even find child with a fat parents and fat child to thin parents. Thus, excessive weight gain is not entirely dependent on genes, but also on the environment in which person survives.

3. Myth: More exercising promotes more weight loss

Fact: This is what general thinking of humans does. They feel whatever you do more you will get more good results. But, they need to understand that there is a difference between needed and extra. More exercising same way doesn’t show more weight loss. Remember that anything in excess harms human body. So, continue doing the exercise for the long time if you want the good and permanent results. The combination of the exercise and appropriate diet can show you the most desirable results.

4. Myth: Eating at night causes weight gain

Fact: One more silly myth that many people believe is that eating at night causes weight gain. So, they skip the dinner at night and thus get weak. The diet at night is equally important like the afternoon lunch. This completes the meal cycle and provides your body the essential nutrients to perform body functions. So, don’t think that skipping the night meals will show you good results. The first thing one should remember that eating more whether during day or night with promote excessive weight gain. So, eat the balanced diet whether at day or at night. This will help you to overcome excessive weight gain.

5. Myth: Milk and milk products are high in calories, which promotes excessive weight gain

Fact: Milk is said to be as a complete diet and then how can it be unhealthy. So, this myth is spread by the people who don’t like milk and milk products. Milk is a very essential part of the food. So, drink at least 200 ml of Milk in a day if you want to stay healthy. Milk is a good source of proteins that are essential for the body to perform various functions. Some people can not digest the lactose in milk, so these people can buy the milk products that are low in the lactose content. But, please eat the butter and cheese in limited quantity to avoid the bad effects.

So, these are the myths and facts about weight loss. Please don’t follow the weight loss myths to stay healthy.