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Health Benefits of Smiling

Posted by on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 22:13
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Smiling is the best way to recover from the various health problems . Smile helps to changes the mood and revitalizes the energy levels in the person. It stimulates the positive energy flow and makes the person happy. Smiling is the only epidemic in the world that is beneficial to the health of the people. It has proved through scientific research studies that people who smile a lot are the healthier than other who smile very rarely. Smiling is the simplest health mantra. If you want to improve your health start smiling today. Laughter is the best way to maintain your health at the optimum best. Smiling affects the nervous system positively and helps your brain to perform well. Health benefits of smiling are as follows:

1. Smiling is the best stress buster. Whatever may be the reason for the stress, you will be able to overcome with a simple smile. Many research studies have proved smile to be an exclusive treatment to combat stress. It relaxes the nerves and veins in the brain, this improves the blood supply and allows the person to get stabilized.

2. Smiling improves the immune system of the person. It has been noted that the production of the antibodies in the body is boosted when a person smiles. Still how this mechanism works in not clear, but the effect is being noted. The people who smile more are noted to have the good resistance power against the common cold, fever, and cough.

3. The blood pressure is lowered with the help of the smiling. If you are suffering with the high blood pressure problem, then smiling can help you a lot. Smiling for a minute is noted to be effective treatment for the blood pressure problem. I will suggest you to have a laugh and note your blood pressure again, the decrease in blood pressure is guaranteed.

4. Depression can be overcome with the help of the smiling. It is been suggested by the number of doctors to overcome the depression to keep on smiling. Smiling acts as the anti-depressants. Try out smiling more to overcome the depression. You can even join the laughter club because this is supposed to one of the easiest way to overcome depression. Smiling changes the mood and revitalizes the positive energy in the people.

5. Smiling helps to recover from the illness faster. If you are suffering with the illnesses from the long time then smiling can help you to overcome it faster. It helps your nervous system to recover from the mental instability caused due to the illness and improves the immune system of the individual. Smiling is the form of the medications that is supposed to be one of the best treatment to recover from the prolong illness.

6. Smiling acts as an anti-aging treatment. It helps to reduce the wrinkles on the face. The muscles that are used during the smiling life the face makes you look younger. Smiling is the rejuvenating tonic of energy. Facial features are enhanced by the smile and you look better. Finally smiling makes you look attractive.

7. Smiling is known to have the property of natural pain killer. When a person smiles his body releases the endomorphins and serotonin, which reduces the pain and helps the person to feel better. If you smile during the pain, you will notice that gradually the pain is decreasing. Smiling is noted to be a very best way of anger management too. Have a smile and you will feel less angry.

8. Smiling helps to overcome tensions. If you are tensed then take time out and have a smile you will feel the relief from it. It helps you to feel relaxed and your mind starts working properly and you are able to find the solution for your problem.

These are the health benefits of the smiling. So, just wear a smile to improve your health and additionally it also lightens the environment and provides mutual benefits to others.