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Long-Term Weight Loss Considered Nearly Impossible

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Long-Term-Weight-Loss-Considered-Nearly-ImpossibleThe main reason people lose weight is to safeguard themselves from issues that arise from overweight that is cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Many people like to keep their body in shape because of which they turn their attention to weight loss techniques. Normal weight loss also builds the immunity because of a healthy diet and exercises.

If you have lost weight over some years, there are chances that it may come back. A new research has shed light on the fact that the lost weight tends to creep back up. The lead investigator of the research runs an eating lab and states that only a small number of people tend to sustain their weight over the long-term. The investigator states that many people have seen some of their friends and family lose weight and get in shape which gives us the confidence to lose weight. But if you look at these people after a couple of years, there are increased chances that they have gained those lost pounds back.

According to the lead researcher, about 5% of people are successful in losing and sustaining their weight over a long period and people usually make these individuals their center of focus when losing weight. According to some other experts these types of examples make people think that losing weight is a simple task and these stories are showed as proof that weight loss is easy.

The lead researcher analyzed data from different randomized control trials. In the trial, people were segregated into groups and had been given nutritional counseling and intense exercise routines. After concluding the trial the lead investigator found out that in two years time, majority of the people who had enrolled in the trials were able to lose not more than two pounds from their original weight.

Weight loss experts say that the human body makes losing weight easy in the short-term, but usually after a year or so, the person starts to gain the weight back. The weight gain occurs till it reaches to original weight and is some cases it becomes even worse.

The Way Experts Deal with Weight Loss


Almost every obesity expert and specialist is aware about the features of weight loss and how it tends to recur. When dealing with overweight people, specialists tend to go round the truth and do not want you to know about this characteristic of losing weight. Specialists also say that if people come to know about the recurrence of weight they might abandon weight loss techniques which contribute to ill health and mar longevity. They say that even if these techniques are less effective, they help people to stay healthy and lead a long life.

The lead investigator feels that instead of trying to lose weight more emphasis should be given to steps that help in improving the overall health of an individual. The researcher says that if regular exercise and a healthy diet are implemented in the lives of people it will help them make their weight even and lead to a healthy life.

What Motivates People to Lose Weight


What-Motivates-People-to-Lose-WeightApart from the health issues discussed above, some people think that losing weight and getting a lean body will make them look aesthetically better. Studies show that there is no definite cure for obesity; there are just methods which help in reducing the weight. The only known way you can lose weight is bariatric surgery, which does not always guarantee weight loss. Experts say that while surgery may be a viable option, it has a lot of side effects connected to it and in some cases weight gain can also occur.

People desire to know the truth about obesogenic and the stark reality is that humans are helpless against their own biology, which is more inclined weight gain. This is an ancient phylogenetic benefit which now has turned out to be a metabolic disadvantage.