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Health Advice: Simple Tips to Improve Resistance Power

Posted by on Thursday, February 4, 2010, 7:56
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Health Advice- Simple Tips to Improve Resistance PowerResistance power is the necessary element to safeguard health from the attack of diseases. The resistance power is like the army of the country that works to protect you from the foreign bodies. Depending upon the overall health status, the resistance power varies from one individual to another. You need to keep your resistance power at the best to keep your health status at the optimum best. Nowadays, it has been noted that resistance power of the people is very weak and they fall ill very often. This is because of the unhealthy lifestyle that we are following. You need to understand the strengthening of the immune is must as our overall health is dependent on it. So, here are some simple tips to improve resistance power.

1. To improve resistance power the improvement in the diet in the first thing to be done. What you eat certainly affects the immune system. Intake of the Proteins is being recommended to increase to boost the production of the antibodies that help to safeguard the health of the individual. Balanced diet is one of the easiest ways to improve the resistance power as it provides the required amount of the essential nutrients in the enough quantity.

2. Doing exercise is one of the simplest ways to boost the immune system. The physical activity increases the blood supply to the all body parts. Even the immune system starts working at it best as the required nutrient are supplied by the blood. It has been noted through the research studies that people who exercise have a good resistance in comparison to others who don’t engage is exercise.

3. Drink adequate amount of water. Water is the essential for the production of the antibodies that build the resistance power of the person. Drinking sufficient of water is also necessary for the immune system to work properly. The people who consume the desired amount of water are always noted to have the good resistance power than others who drink less amount of water. Healthy individual must drink 3 to 4 liters of water.

4. Sleep well to improve the resistance power. It is during the sleep that maximum production of the antibodies is being done by the body. So, if you don’t sleep then your body is not able to produce the sufficient amount of the antibodies that weakens your resistance power. Sleeping for about 6 to 8 hours is mandatory for the person to have a good resistance power. If you are facing any problems in getting adequate amount of sleep then please consult the doctor as sleep is very essential component of the daily routine, which gives your body the required rest and revitalize the energy levels.

5. Avoid the intake of the caffeine and chocolate as these two items interfere with the working of the immune system. They reduce the pace at which immune system works. Caffeine mainly robs away your body’s minerals and vitamins and leads to dehydration, whereas chocolate slows down the body processes. This leads to the reduction in the production of the antibodies. As a result the resistance power of the person is weakened. So, it my advice to control the intake of these two items to keep your body healthy.

6. Consumption of the alcohol must be reduced and unhealthy habit of smoking must be given up to keep your immune system working properly. These two habits directly disturb the antibodies production that leads the weakening of the resistance power. So, you need to give up these two unhealthy habits to improve the resistance power.