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Foods to Lose Weight

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Foods increase the weight is the general perspective, but some food items are also useful to lose weight. Nowadays, due to the hectic schedule, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and tensions the individual is suffering a lot and excessive weight gain is making him more prone to diseases. In today’s generation a lot of youngsters are found to be suffering with the obesity because of the lack of the physical exercise. Everybody is just sitting in front of the television or desktop and continuously eating something, which has lead to the excessive weight gain. Even the disproportionate intake of alcohol and too much of smoking also adds some unwanted pounds in your body.

Unbalanced diet and eating of fast food has lead to the excessive weight gain in many cases. But, remember that as food increases weight, there are some food items that when taken in proportionate amount can help you to induce weight loss:

Foods to promote weight loss are as follows:

1. Fruits

Fruits rich in vitamin C are best to lose weight. Daily intake of fruit washes the excessive fats in the body with the help of the vitamin C. Fruits like Oranges, grapes, and pomegranates if eaten either before or after a lunch can help you to reduce weight. Apples, Bananas, Goji berries, blue berries, Avocado are also very much useful to weight loss. Remember that regular intake of the fruits is necessary if you want to see the visible results. You should at least eat the fruits regularly for about 3 months then only you will be able to experience the weight loss effect.

2. Vegetables

Spinach, Lettuce, carrots, Cauliflower, and tomatoes are found to be very useful foods for the weight loss. These vegetables are rich of the proteins and fibers that reduce the fat content in the body by breaking down the fat molecules. Even with the help of vegetables the urge of hunger is also reduced which in turn helps to burn more carbohydrates that are stored in the body leading to the weight loss. Vegetables not only reduce your weight but they also help to keep you weight in control. Herbs like Tarragon can also be used for weight loss.

3. Whole Grains, Legumes, and Pulses

Whole grains and legumes intake can help the fat men to lose considerable amount of weight. Whole grains have some fat breaking enzymes, which when enters the body burns the extra fats thus leading to the weight loss. Sprouted pulses contain vitamins and fibers that promote the weight loss. Once you start eating the whole grains they stops the conversion of the food materials in the unsaturated fats which further on leads to control the excessive weight gain.

4. Soup

Drinking soup of vegetables can help you to lose weight. Vegetable soup is rich source of minerals, proteins, and vitamins that reduces the hunger urge in an individual and controls his weight gain. In spite of taking heavy meals you can include soup in your daily diet routine; this will help to reduce the carbohydrates and fats in the body and will induce weight loss.

5. Yoghurt or curd

Yoghurt or curd promotes the weight loss when taken on daily basis. Please remember that water contain in the curd should be more. You can mix the curd with water and then use it so that it works more effectively to wash out the unsaturated fats in the body that are responsible for the excessive weight gain. Belly fat is found to be reduced of the men who consumed curd daily during the diet regime, according to the research study published.

6. Chilies

Chilies intake in the diet increases the metabolism rate by double the times and helps to burn out more calories. Chiles contain a compound called capsaicin that shows thermogenic effect of fats, resulting in the weight loss. You should start eating the spicy food if you want to lose weight, but please avoid the combination of oily and spicy food.

7. Sardines

Sardines are the fish species that could help the fat men to loss weight. Sardines as a food are very rich in minerals and vitamins that works by stabilizing the blood sugar levels and stimulates the fat metabolism. Sardines when eaten at least thrice in a week shows very good results of weight loss. Men or women who regularly eat Sardines never suffer with the problems like obesity and heart diseases.

8. Green Tea

Green Tea is not a food item, but still can be included in the daily diet regime to reduce the excessive weight. It was observed during the studies that green tea stimulates the fat metabolism and promotes the weight loss. Green tea washes out the unsaturated fats deposited in the body and cuts down the carbohydrates level in the body.

9. Olive Oil

Olive oil has a rich content of the healthy fat that is very necessary for the body functions. This fat is also very important because it doesn’t get deposited in the body and gets washed off once it use is over. Olive promotes the weight loss by reducing the unhealthy fat contents in the body.

10. Honey

Honey dissolves the unessential fats and carbohydrates in the body when taken in combination with equal amount of water. Honey induces weight loss in the body by burning out the unnecessary calories in the body. Combination of honey and lemon juice or honey and cinnamon are found to be very effective for the weight loss.

So, if you like to eat lot then don’t give up your this habit. You only need to do is to include the above mentioned food items in your daily diet routine, hence these food items will control your weight gain and induce the weight loss.