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Top 10 Fashion Tips for Fat Men

Posted by on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 22:06
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Fatness is the most common disease that men suffer from. Out of every 100 men, more then 60% face the problem of excessive weight gain. This makes them feel inferior about themselves, as a result these men start losing the confidence. There are various ways to lose weight, but it is not easy to lose weight in a short span of time. You need to put in lot of efforts and determination to lose weight. But, as we all know nothing is impossible. Whereas, whatever god has given you is the gift and hence there is no way you should feel ashamed about your fatness. No need to worry about fatness because there are several ways through which you can hide your excessive weight and look attractive. So, for the help of all my fat friends I have come with some easy tip through which you can look good instead of excessive weight gain.

Fashion tips for fat men are as follows:

1. Avoid wearing fit clothes. This type of fit clothing will give the view of all the round curves that you are having due to the excessive weight gain. This site will not be very good to see rather to the people who will watch you and even you may not feel comfortable in it.

2. Don’t wear too lose clothes. The first thing that every fat man should avoid is wearing too lose clothes. Because loose clothes makes your body looks more out of shape than what you are. The big clothes make you look older or even fatter than you really are.

Note: So, always wear the clothes that fit you perfectly, which are neither too fit neither too lose.


3. Keep your belt tight. The weight gain at the waist is really shows your body structure in a very abnormal frame. So, it would be better if you can stuck your belt tightly, this will make your waist part appear lit bit slimmer. But, please don’t tie your belt too tightly otherwise this may result into strain problems around the belly.

4. Remain away from dark printed clothes. To all the fat men this is my genuine advice that keeps away from the dark clothes, specifically from the dark t-shirts or shirts. Dark clothing will bring more attention towards your upper body that is really out of shape. So, wear the bright colored faint clothes.

5. Wear perfectly fitting trousers and avoid wearing giant pants. Please keep your pants properly tailored and try to make them adequately tight in between the thighs. So, that your extra fat is covered by this.

6. Most important tip is always stand straight or even while sitting be straight. This way you will look less fat than what you are. Even everybody will feel that you have lost about 10 to 15 pounds. Even you body structure will look attractive when you stand straight. Bending creates the bulging of fats and this way you look fattier.

7. Avoid wearing large jackets or sweaters, this will add more to your figure and you will be looking fatter. This will really make you funny with excessive weight all over the body. So, try wearing thin sweaters or jackets. You can even wear cashmere, so that even your looks will be good.

8. Wear long pants. Remember that your pants should cover your shoes. This will help your legs to look longer and thinner. Even the overall structure of the body will look less bulky by wearing this type of pants.

9. Always prefer wearing V-neck shirts. This will surely make your neck line slimmer. Even your double chin could be made less visible by this. This way V-neck shirts will make you look taller and your body will look little bit thinner.

10. Avoid keeping too many things in your pockets because this may add to your size and your appearance would be very much shabby and your hips may also seem to larger if you keep bulky cell phones, overstuffed wallets, and electronic devices in pocket. Less baggage in the packet will help you to look slimmer and your fats will be covered up the extra cloth provided with the pockets.