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Eat More Fruits to Stay Healthy

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2010, 3:59
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Fruits are the easily available source of the essential nutrients. They provide us with all the necessary elements that help in the body growth and proper functioning of the body organs. Nowadays we are more used to eating the fast foods and have neglected the intake of fruits completely. This is reason why we are facing the problems of vitamin deficiency. If you eat the adequate amount of the fruits then certainly you would never face the problem of the vitamin deficiency. I do understand that we are living in a very fast paced world that gives us no timing for paying attention on our diet. This way we neglect the diet and get prone to various health abnormalities. We need to take the balanced diet in order to stay healthy in this fast paced world.

Many people would say they daily eat one fruit, but remember that eating one fruit in a day is not enough to attain the optimum health. Instead of eating some fried food stuffs or any another fatty foods you can certainly opt for the fruits. This will help you to maintain the health at the better status. Fruits intake help to build the strong immune system. The production of the antibodies is being boosted as the essential nutrients for this process are supplied by eating the adequate amount of fruits. As the antibodies are present in the body in the enough amounts, it improves the resistance power of the person. This way you stay away from the health ailments.

Fruits like apple are very rich source of the iron that helps in the repair and maintenance of the body. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The only thing to remember here is that if you are having the constipation problem then you will need to avoid the intake of the apple. In this case I would suggest you to drink the apple juice this will reduce the risk of suffering with the constipation. The intake of the Pineapple is said to be very good for the health. It is a very good source of the manganese that helps your bones to stay strong and healthy. Manganese also helps in the protecting your cells from free-radical damage.

Oranges are the fruits that all of us know, but make it a point to eat them regularly in order to keep your health at the best. They are the rich source of the Vitamin C. It helps to maintain the body temperature low and plays a significant role in throwing down the impurities out of the body. It also helps to keep your weight in control. If you are fat then eating the oranges daily would help you a lot in losing the body weight. Drinking the juice of the lemon is also very advantageous in the weight loss process. It also helps in making the process of digestion. The juice of sweet lime is also recommended if you have any digestion problems.

Rather than eating only one fruit daily it would be better if you opt for the variety of the fruits daily. The combination of two to three fruits in the daily diet is necessary. The intake of watermelon is recommended to the people who have the liver or kidney problems. If you have the dehydration problem then also eating the watermelon or drinking the watermelon juice would be very beneficial. If you are facing any of the problems in the sexual life then intake of the papaya is suggested. It boosts the process of the sperm development. Eating banana everyday is recommended for the weak people. It builds the strong immune system and also helps in development of the body mass. There are many other fruits like grapes, strawberries, mango, guava, which also have a very good impact on the health. So, if you want to stay healthy then eat more fruits.