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Balanced Diet Is Must to Stay Healthy

Posted by on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 22:51
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Balanced diet is the easiest way to stay healthy. There are numerous health benefits to balanced diet, the only thing is that you should follow these things routinely in order to upgrade your health. Balanced diet is very advantageous to maintain the fitness level at the best. The most important point about the balanced diet is that it provides all the essential nutrients in the required amount. Balanced diet is must to stay healthy because it is your diet deficiency that gives rise to various abnormal health conditions. Balanced diet is essential for the normal growth and development of the body. It has been noted that people who take balanced diet falls ill very infrequently.

Balanced diet provides the adequate amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals to the body. Balanced diet must include the proportionate amount of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items. Many people say that non-vegetarian food in not beneficial for the health, but I want to make it notice to everybody that non-vegetarian food when taken in adequate amount is very good for the health. I agree that anything in excess is bad for the health so avoid non-vegetarian food in excess. You need to understand that everything is essential to body, whether just solid foods or juices. The only necessary thing is that you need to maintain the balance of the daily diet.

A person needs to choose an overall balanced diet with foods from all major food groups, including grains, vegetables, and fruits. You must avoid food items with a high content of cholesterol and saturated fat. Substitute grains and unsaturated fat from vegetables, fish, legumes, and nuts. You must limit the calories intake in a day to the level of 300 mg in a day. Choose from all five vegetable sub-groups (dark green, orange, legumes, starchy vegetables, and other vegetables) several times a week. You must note to follow these things in order to maintain the proper vitamin levels in the body. Every nutrient in the body has its own functions to maintain.

Carbohydrates are the compounds that include three elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Carbohydrates are the rich energy source that is necessary for all body functions to perform. We get the carbohydrates mainly in the form of starch that is found in potatoes, rice, spaghetti, cereals, and breads. Proteins are very much essential body nutrients that plays a part in the growth and development of the body parts. Those are the proteins in the body that help to form the immune system. Even the body maintenance is very important function that protein plays. Everyone should remember that proteins are very important nutrients and you need to include proteins in daily diet as mandatory part.

Vitamins and minerals are essential body parts in order to maintain the health of an individual. Vitamins help to regulate all body functions and minerals are essential for the healthy teeth, bones, muscles, etc. Fats plays a role of substitute energy resource in the body that helps all the essential nutrients to perform there task properly. Along with the physical health, even the mental health of an individual is maintained at the optimum best due to the intake of the balanced diet. The most important thing is that you must fix the timings of your daily diet to stay away from the problems of the indigestion. Along with the balanced diet it is also necessary to take adequate sleep as it helps all these nutrients to function perfectly.

With the intake of the balanced diet your immune system grows stronger and you are safeguarded from the variety of the health problems. The cases of the cancer are noted to be very rarely among the people who eat balanced diet regularly. Balanced diet improves the memory of the person. Health of an individual who eats balanced diet is found to be better than the normal people. Balanced is the core secret behind the betterment of the health.