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Weight Loss by Economical Methods

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Excessive weight gain is really a problem of concern. Many health problems walk hand-in-hand with the excessive weight gain. Due to the disproportionate weight gain the person suffers with many health problems like obesity, heart defects, atherosclerosis, impotence, etc. So, it becomes very necessary for every individual to maintain the weight. Various methods are available to solve the problem of weight loss.

There are medications available in the market to lose excessive weight and also “Be slim” plans of many gymnasiums that guarantee the weight loss. For opting to these methods, one has to have a good amount of bugs in his pocket. But, recession is a problematic situation for everybody and today nobody wants to invest their money for weight loss. So, for all these people there is good news and that is you can even lose the weight without wasting a penny. Go through the below mentioned points to lose weight economically:


Walking for about 20 minutes daily could help you to lose weight. Walking burns out the extra calories in your body that promotes the weight gain. Whatever you eat is used by the body due to the walking, so no extra deposition of fats and carbohydrates is observed which certainly helps to control the weight gain. By walking your digestion rate is increased, which is very much useful to keep your weight in control. Walking not only reduces the weight but it also controls the new weight gain. The best way to start this practice is to go walking to your office rather than using a private vehicle. Try not to sit at one place in the office and get up from your place at regular intervals. But, please take care of the office laws. So, start walking daily if you want to lose weight and remain healthy.

Drink Water

Drinking water helps you to control the weight gain and also to reduce the weight. Drinking water firstly starts dissolving your body fats, which helps to cut down your weight gain. Even the digestion rate is found to be fired out by the drinking of water. This helps to convert all the fats and proteins into digestible foods and remaining waste material that cause weight gain are thrown out of the body. Water also enhances the functioning of the large intestine and small intestine that together improves the absorption rate of the food which finally staunches the weight gain. Water increases the metabolism rate of calories and thus weight loss is promoted.

Sex or Masturbation

Sex is like a panacea medication, which is also helpful in losing the excessive weight and control the weight gain. Lots of calories are burned during the single session of sex, even for unmarried individuals masturbation can also provide the same benefits. Sex reduces stress and stress-reduction is needed to lose weight. Sex also helps some people sleep better, which is also needed for weight loss. Sex is an entire body workout that reduces the fats over all your body parts simultaneously, which in turn controls the weight gain and reduces your weight a lot. It has been even proved in the study that when a person with excessive weight got engaged in sex for a month regularly his weight was reduced by 8 pounds. So, start getting involved in sex more and more if you want to lose weight.

Diet Control

Diet control is the one of the methods through which you can learn to control lots of weight gain. Visible difference can be seen in few months if you practice the diet control routine. Diet control is a practice not done by skipping the meals but is best done by the reducing the amount of food or by making it balanced. Yes, you can certainly include more Vitamin C containing in your food to reduce your weight. If you are having more than 6 meals in a day then you are certainly taking too much of food. So, please try to cut down your meals in this case. You can also reduce the protein rich and carbohydrate containing food stuffs from your diet in order to control the weight gain. Diet control will additionally save a lot of money.

Gardening or Cleaning House

Gardening or cleaning house would suddenly help you lose the weight in a short span of time. Both these process are hardworking and will sweat you out. If you are really determined to lose weight in short span of time then gardening or cleaning house regularly would be the best choice. Gardening keeps up the weight control. Activities such as digging, planting, weeding, and harvesting incorporate all types of physical movement that benefit you in terms of losing weight and also by improving your flexibility. Even carrying plants or a bag of potting soil to the car from the store and then out into the yard is exercise! You can potentially burn up to 300-600 calories per hour. Even cleaning house also includes lots of activities that would reduce the fat content in your body.

Use the above mentioned methods if you are hit by the recession and don’t want to spend any amount for the weight loss. These methods will surely show you the results by reducing the weight, but will also save your lot of money.