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True Story of Old Sam and Martha

Posted by on Friday, July 24, 2009, 3:43
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sam-martha1This is a story of old Sam and Martha. Old age is a curse to everyone, and specifically when there is nobody else to support. Sam and Martha are the old couple who have money, but no one to support. Sam and Martha got married 30 years ago, but due to the impotency problem in Sam they were not able to have a baby. Even society neglected them because they were too simple and ashamed of themselves. Previously society use to throw out the people out of the social circuit who were unable to produce offspring. Sam and Martha were really waiting for their death because nothing was their life, what they should think about. You must have heard the saying “God is late but never too late.” Sam and Martha had a child at 60, really a miracle, but it is true. I will let you know how and when that happened.

Sam and Martha had the habit of traveling, they have nearly traveled whole world, but had missed some nations of Asian subcontinent. So, last year they decided to visit India. It was in the November that Sam and Martha reached India. Their first destination was up course Goa as Germans likes the beaches the most. Goa is a beautiful place located in the western India. Sam and Martha loved that place a lot. Afterwards, they visited south India, which included places in states—Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Then they visited the Northern India.

While visiting the Himalayan Ranges they met a person named Righraj. He was doing the research in the sexual health of men and women. He became a good friend to Sam and Martha during the tour. He asked them about their children, but they told that they are childless. Martha eyes were filled with tears while she explained every thing to Righraj. He was really touched by their story. He decided that he will help these old couple to conceive a child. Please note that this story is even before the Viagra discovery. So, he told the old couple that he would be helping and sending them some formulation in about a month time. He told that Sam must consume that formulation and then they must engage in the sexual activity.

Martha and Sam then visited the other cities in the India for next 5 days and then cam back to their house in Berlin. Days passed by fast and the parcel from India for Sam and Martha arrived on time. They thought that Righraj must have forgotten but he was very punctual and send the parcel to them on time. There was also a letter attached with it. He mentioned everything in that was included that how to take that medicine. He mentioned it as an important point that you need to take it 3 hours before the sexual activity. Righraj mentioned in a special note that both the partners must massage their intimate parts thoroughly with oil daily for a week and then after a week Sam must take this drug.

Sam and Martha were first not sure were to use this medicine or not, but later on they decided that they will use it. So, Sam and Martha followed the steps in it as mentioned. They massaged the intimate parts thoroughly with the oil. The feeling was experienced to be great by both of them and they were feeling aroused by it. So, they did it together for each other. But, it was mentioned by the Sam that no sex should be performed during the massage days. They were really enjoying the act. After the week they started getting more intimate and Sam took the powder of the medicine that Righraj has sent. They both were surprised by seeing the kind of the sex they both were enjoying. Sam was never so good in the bed, but that day he was in full swing and Martha enjoyed the 3 intense orgasms during the act. They followed the routine mentioned by the Righraj and she was finally pregnant. Sam and Martha were really happy. Martha gave a birth to a baby boy and she was really happy for the feeling of the motherhood. They decided to thank Righraj for this and went to India to his address, but found that nobody stays on that address. So, they thought that he was an angel who came to help them.