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Treatments for the Hair Loss

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Various treatments are available for the hair loss problem. Every hair loss treatment has got its merits and demerits. You need to explore the option that is most suitable for you with the help of the Dermatologist or your family physician. The different treatments for the hair loss are as follows:

1) Oral Drugs

Oral Drugs are most efficient way to overcome the hair loss problem. You need to take these drugs regularly for about 3 to 4 months to see the hair regrowth effect. Patience is the key to get the effect of the oral drugs. To recover from hair loss problem completely it will take about 10 to 12 months. The most famous hair loss drug is Propecia that contains Finasteride as the active constituent. The success rate of this drug as a hair loss treatment is above 95%. Whoever has used oral drugs is satisfied with the results. Oral drugs treat the hair loss by controlling the production of the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that causes hair loss. This is done by inhibiting the enzyme alpha 5 reductase that converts the testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

2) Laser Hair Loss Treatment

It is the recently launched hair loss that helps the person to overcome the hair loss problem pretty easily. In this method the laser light are focused on the head section. These are low energy laser lights that penetrate inside the skin of scalp and resolve the hair loss problem by improving the nutrition and blood flow. With the help of this treatment you can get back the thick and dense hairs within the short duration of the time. The success rate of this treatment is about 80%. The laser hair loss treatment shows the remarkable improvement when used in combination with the oral drugs like generic Propecia. There are 3 types of laser treatments viz., Laser Luce LDS 100 ®, Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), and Home Laser Hair Therapy Device – Laser Comb. You need to consult the dermatologist before using any of these methods of laser hair loss treatment because he would be in the best position to suggest the proper treatment for you.

3) Sprays

Hair sprays are used to stop the hair loss by providing the adequate nutrition to the hairs. You need to apply this spray daily in the morning to the overcome the hair loss. The hair loss sprays includes copper particles that inhibits DHT to stop the cause of hair loss. You can get to see the effect of hair sprays in about 24 weeks. Some hair sprays also include Rogaine that promotes the hair growth. It would be always better if you consult the doctor before using any of these hair sprays.

4) Natural Remedies

There are many natural remedies available for the hair loss problem. But, I am in doubt about how many of them show the good hair loss effect. The only advantage of natural remedies for hair loss is they show no side effects. Some are bit cheaper, but not that much. Natural remedies used for the hair loss includes henna, aloe vera, nettle root extract, oils of cedar, amala, almond, coconut, and safflower. These remedies you need to apply externally on hairs. Some of the diets recommended for the hair loss problem are j leafy vegetables, salads, milk, fruits, sprouts and juice of lettuce and spinach. Even the ayurvedic preparation made from corals, iron, bhringraj, and black sesame seeds help to prevent graying of hairs.

5) Shampoos

Shampoos can be used to treat hair loss. These shampoos basically include the constituents that help to reverse the effect of the dihydrotestosterone that is responsible for the hair loss. This way the hair loss is stopped and later on the hair regrowth is boosted. Some shampoos for hair loss includes thymus peptides that penetrates deep within the hair follicles to prevent the hair loss. They also help to remove the debris of dust and dirt from the hairs. You will notice that hair loss is completely stopped by the shampoos within the duration of 3 weeks and new growth of hairs will be noted may be after 3 months. While using the shampoo, note that you need to apply the shampoo and keep it at least for 10 minutes, massaging of hairs is exceptionally good. This will show a very good effect. Don’t rinse quickly in about 2 minutes because this will disallow the nutrients to reach the scalp and to the hair roots.

6) Hair Transplant Surgery

This is the most expensive treatment of the hair loss. It is necessary to the do the hair transplant surgery from the expert because a small mistake can lead the hair loss problem again. Life long hair is the result of the hair transplant surgery within the short span of time. The hair transplant surgery includes the operation that takes the hair from the part of the head where there are enough hairs and replant them in the bald areas. This way the bald areas get covered with the hairs that regrow throughout the life. The newly developed technique of hair transplant surgery includes micro-, and mini- grafting methods. The only important thing here is to do the hair transplant surgery from the expert otherwise it may result in the bald areas again. This method is recommended only to those who can afford it and to those who have failed to achieve hair regrowth from all other hair loss treatments.