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Simple Tips to Impress Women

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2010, 3:33
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Everyman wants to impress the women and make her feel that she is the only chosen one that he was dreaming about. But, men sometimes lack the skills to impress the women, which makes them lose the person who they more than anything else. Impression creation is a very important task to get the women you desire. Impressing a women is an art in itself, you need to learn this art if you want to get the women of your dreams. Mentioned below are some simple tips to impress women:

1. Communication is the best way to impress a woman. Please communicate in a confident manner, but don’t be monotonous. Try to find out the topic that she is interested in and then she also will be equally active in it. Please don’t leave the generous level while having a talk. Try to avoid the topic related to sex at least for first few meetings. Rather I would suggest to be bit cautious while taking to women.

2. Be a gentleman. If you really want to score the points with the women then behave like gentleman. Show your generous nature by offering her the seat or opening the door. Men with manners are liked most by the women. Be well groomed with clean shave and proper hair cut and women will like you.

3. Wear clean and proper fitting garments. Cleanliness is the key to impress a woman. Do wear the clean clothes whenever you are having a meeting with your ladylove. Also don’t wear too tight or very loose clothes because this will make you look ugly. Also have a good color combination, best one is dark colored formal trousers with faint colored shirt. Remember to wear the clothes as per the occasion.

4. Smell good during the first meeting is very necessary because this will create your impact on the opposite sex. Please use the soft deodorants to smell good.

5. Give her the respect. This is the most important part because women like to stay only with those men who respect them. Learn to respect if you want her and then only she will respect your feelings. Respect her opinions and suppose you don’t like them don’t oppose right then and there. Let your relationship proceed then you can explain her later.

6. Always listen to whatever she speaks. Being a good listener is very important whenever you are in company of the lady whom you love the most. Listen carefully to whatever she tells, and please avoid giving your opinions over it. Don’t give sarcastic opinions and be positive while talking.

7. Show your care for her. This is where guys can score maximum points. Women always find the partner who will care for her for all the life. This will show your love for her and she will not be able to avoid you and she herself will fall in love with you.

8. Give her exclusive importance. This type of behavior is liked by women because she thinks that you love her more than anything in this world. Please you also give your prime attention only to her and avoid watching any other women when you are with her.

9. Try to keep the environment light. Bring your sense of humor in the play. Women love the funny things but please be bit intelligent while cozying up because she may be noting everything. Please keep your silly and sexy jokes out of the picture otherwise she may not like it.

10. Lastly, but most important point is to be confident and avoid the nervousness. Confidence is very important factor that helps to impress a woman. The attraction of the confident men is more among women and they like to be in the company of the confident men.

So, do remember these points will help you to impress the women you love and she would also love you more than anything else.