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Style Tips for Short Men

Posted by on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 22:24
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Even short men can look attractive, handsome, and fashionable by following the proper style statement. Good height is up course an asset, but no need to worry even shorter is better. By simple amendments in the general style, even shorter man can create an impression and look attractive to the opposite sex. Short and sweet is what you must have heard, yes, this is what should be used by the short men while dressing. The first thing you must learn here is to avoid the lack of confidence you face due to less height, don’t think like that. Instead just look at the history and you will notice many great people were short, so where does the height matter. Remember your confidence plays a significant role in how you look. After this you need to pay an attention towards what you wear and how you wear. So, for this here are some style tips for short men:

1. Try to wear the fit clothes and avoid wearing too loose clothes. As seen generally shorter guys have a good built, so just show it and allow your features to be highlighted. This will make you attractive and the person would be impressed by your dressing style. But, by fit I doesn’t mean very tight, just think of your comfort level and try to wear optimum fit dresses. This is dressing tip for short men.

2. Try to wear the tight pants or jeans whenever wearing casual outfits and for the formal I would suggest to opt for the front press trousers. You can even go for the boot cut. This will help you to look longer. Just try to avoid wearing the bright colored pants because this will attract viewers towards your small legs. So, try wearing dark colored trousers with the faint shirt combination.

3. Avoid wearing oversized winter coats or sweaters. They really look clumsy. You need to try to wear the perfect size match otherwise; you would look like wearing an overcoat. Always remember that the jacket hemlines should not go below your thigh otherwise it will really look bad and people will notice that you are too short. For short men I would suggest to wear the bright color winter coats and sweaters as there upper part is generally very much attractive.

4. Now we will move towards the hairs. Remember that short hairs look great on the short men. It goes with their stature. Long hairs will always lead to cutting down your height or make people notice your height. So, it is always better to cut hair short and keep them well combed. Well shaved short men really look attractive and as you know Tom Cruise how attractive he is with his short stature. Grown beard is not a look to be carried by the short men. You need to remember this style tip for short men always.

5. If you are wearing a suit, then please keep it dark colored. Remember to avoid the double breasted suits. Double breasted suits widen the figure and will make you look broad, thus making you look short more than what you are. I would rather suggest the short men to wear the single breasted double buttoned suit. This will really make you look elegant. Also always tie and single knot for the tie doesn’t go for the bulky double knot tie. Keep the tie length match with belt and try not to make it longer than this.

6. The shirts having the design of horizontal stripes must be avoided as they will make you look more horizontal making you look more dwarf. So, you must always try to wear the vertical stripes as they help you to look longer and give you the elongated look. This is one of the important style tips for short men.

These are the simple style tips for the short men that will make them look smart, simple, handsome, attractive, and elegant.