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Style Mistakes That Men Should Avoid While Dressing for a Date

Posted by on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 6:13
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Men are not always good with the fashion and style, so it becomes really a difficult situation for men to decide what to dress and what not to dress on the first date. Many a times man makes the mistake in dressing and this creates a wrong impact on the woman. Women love the men who are gentlemen in the behavior and have a dressing sense also. They don’t mean that you need to have a very high style quotient but at least they should be well dressed for a date and should be able to carry there clothes better. So, here are some of the things that men need to avoid while dressing for a date—

1. Avoid dressing too casually.

Please remember that women like the men in the formal dresses. This creates a very good impression on a woman. If you dress too casually then she will not at all feel attracted towards you and your date will be ended soon. Avoid wearing jeans and T-shirt for the first date because women like the feel that you have dress to impress, and date is a special occasion. So, please try being well groomed gentleman on the first date to win the point with the dressing. I am not saying that you should wear a coat or a blazer, but wearing a proper dark trouser with the faint shirt will surely make a good impact on the woman.

2. Don’t wear sports or heavy soled chunky shoes.

Women believe that men could be understood from there shoes, yes, I know it is wrong but we can’t help it. Don’t wear sports or heavy soled chunky shoes while going for a date because this is not a perfect match for the date. Going for a date is a special occasion and try to as much formal you could. Please wear the dark black or dark brown leather shoes while going for a date. Also, don’t forget to polish them. Women love to see the men with the polished shoes and this will certainly add a bonus point.

3. White socks should be avoided

Please understand that you are going for the date with the lady who you want to be a life partner and so don’t do anything that doesn’t look good. Wearing white socks, in particular the toweling type with sport stripes, with anything other than your togs or gym kit is the style calamity of the new millennium. Always remember the simple sock rule – match your socks to your trousers and NOT your shoes. This defines the shape of the shoe and creates an easy-on-the-eye flow from trouser hem to shoe. Please remember that women pay attention to the overall body dressing so please be perfect in each and every aspect of dressing.

4. Too flashy sunglasses

If you are dating outside then you can wear the sunglasses. But please make it sure that you wear only those sunglasses that match your face structure. Your choice in sunglasses is another expression of your ‘personal taste’ that will leave you wide open to a style ambush. Leave sport-styled eyewear for exactly that – sport. There’s nothing sillier than a man in a business suit and a pair of tinted performance eyewear. Please wear the branded and clean pair of sunglasses so that it improves your looks.

5. Wear the perfect fitting clothes and avoid the lose outfits.

Men should specifically understand that women like the men who are confident about their body shapes. So, please wear the perfect fitting clothes while going for a date and avoid wearing lose outfits. Wearing the lose outfits will make you look fat and show all the excess fat you are having on the body. Try to wear the plate less trousers so that they can hide out the fat on your waist. Also, possibly try to wear the T-shirt inside so that it hides out the sweating patches under your arms. Smell well on your first date because this will help you create the impression on the women.

So, please avoid these things if you want to impress your women on first date.