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Rita’s Married Life Blossomed by Caverta

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marriage4Rita’s married life blossomed by Caverta, an impotence pill for men. Yes, her dear hubby was suffering from the impotence problem, so she suggested him to take Caverta. They both are enjoying their sexual life to its fullest by the intake of the Caverta pills. Micheal (Rita’s husband) was previously very good in the bed. They both were very much comfortable with each other and their love life was blossoming day by day. Rita’s and Micheal were the childhood friends, they started loving each other from that time, and finally they got married. True love always wins. There parents were not ready previously, but after seeing Rita’s and Micheal’s love for each other, they didn’t put in any hurdles in their way.

The whole story started after their marriage. Sex was great for few days after their marriage, but suddenly everything went into vein, after that deadly car accident, from which Micheal (Rita’s Hubby) survived by chance. He was there in the Hospital for about three months to get completely recovered. His morale was affected adversely by this accident. When he came back from the hospital, he was in a dormant condition and he had no interest left in the life as his both the legs were damaged very much badly. He was able to walk only for about 2 to 3 minutes. He was really feeling ashamed of himself because of this. But, Rita was always there to support him.

Once they both were alone and Micheal initiated sex. Rita welcomed it and both of them were soon on their birthday suits. But, it was a really shameful situation because Micheal inspite of the so much sexual stimulation was failing to get the erection. His penis was soft and it got erect after nearly 10 minutes but that was just for 10-20 seconds. Micheal was really ashamed of this. Rita was bit okay with it because Micheal gave her the oral stimulation and she was able to achieve the orgasm. Rita was satisfied with the sex, but it was all in the Micheal mind that made him think of himself as an impotent men and he started loosing the interest in the life. Rita noted that Micheal was having some problem that he is unable to share with her. His health was getting worse day by day, and he was behaving like he has to die.

Rita was surprised by seeing such a behavior of Micheal, which she had never seen before. He was drinking alcohol everyday and was paying no attention to her at all. Rita even try to seduce him by walking nude in front of him, but he was totally disgusted and showing no interest in sex at all. So, Rita once decided to talk to him. She asked him whether he is suffering with any problem, but Micheal was reluctant not to share this problem with Rita. Day’s passed, Micheal’s health condition was deteriorating everyday. Rita decided to talk to her doctor about this. She went to the doctor and told him about the Micheal’s condition.

Doctor told Rita that she should try to find out the reason for this by just making love to him. So, Rita one day tried to have sex with Micheal, but he declined. This gave them a clear hint that Micheal was having some problem with the sex life. Rita went and told this to their doctor. Rita explained the doctor about the last incident happened during their sexual session. This made it clear that Micheal is having some problem while getting the stronger erections during the sexual activity. Doctor told Rita that because of the accident his reproductive system is being damages slightly, but as the time passes he thought it will recover. So, doctor suggested Rita to buy the Caverta pills and give it to him and then try to seduce him.

Rita gave Micheal the Caverta pills in the milk because she didn’t want to hurt him. Rita then seduced him by just teasing. She was surprised to see him interested in the sex. Michael took her in his hands and carried her to the bed. This was just the beginning and they once again started getting intimate daily. Micheal later on told her about his problem. Rita told him that she already knows it and so is giving you the Caverta pills for this. So, Micheal was really touched by this that she was caring for so much. Rita’s married life was thus blossomed by the Caverta.