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Michael Jackson—The True Style Icon

Posted by on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 22:45
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The term multitalented personality suits for him. Michael Jackson was on overall entertainment package. Such was his craze that whatever he followed became a style. Specifically teens were his die hard fans and he was a God for them. Michael lived in the hearts of the people. People say he died, but I believe he will stay with us forever.

Everyone at one point of life has followed the Michael Jackson’s style. In eighties there was so craze of Michael Jackson that whatever he use to wear, would sold like the hot cakes in the world market. Michael use to like to wear the jackets a lot, the fashion of wearing jacket with any clothing was in fact started by him. Leather jacket was second skin for Michael Jackson. Specifically the red jacket was his favorite and he also adored military jackets. He was eminently known all over the world as the “King of Pop”, but he was also famous as a style icon.

The way Michael wore the hat and danced while carrying it, was really not less than a miracle. The most famous style of the Michael Jackson is of the single white or silvery glove. It was his defining fashion movement in 1980’s and people started noting him. He followed the policy of doing different things firstly to attract the people, but as is said everything is fair to get famous. Later on, Michael revolutionized the fashion industry by embracing a slimmer silhouette, shorter pants, bright-colored socks and, most importantly, sequins; this fashion was perfectly opposite of what people followed at that time. He was not so much serious about style, but whatever he wore negligently became the style statement.

The attire he wore added to his image as a pop star. Jackson will also be remembered for his signature style. He was the only person who could pull off wearing white socks with black skinny-leg pants and black shoes. He usually featured in slim-fitting, short pants that became his style signature. Michael’s iconoclastic style became very famous and had many followers. He also followed a particular hair style, collar length hairs with the typical curls was his style. Michael didn’t hire any designers at the beginning but later on he used the leather jackets designed by Nicolas Ghesquière at Balenciaga and Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy.

He use to always wear those special types of chunky belts, armbands, straps, ties, and even his eye glasses were uniquely styled. Accessories played a significant role in Jackson’s look. Whatever he wore, the most important thing was that he used to carry the clothes very well. Certainly he was the uncrowned king of fashion. He developed his own path of groundbreaking style and followed it with the passion and confidence. He was a true style icon.