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Americans Still Have Lamentable Knowledge About Generic Drugs

Posted by on Monday, June 22, 2009, 3:09
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viagra431x300Americans still don’t have a proper knowledge about the generic drugs. This was proved through the survey that was carried by the International Health Organization. When they asked the questions to the Americans about the cost, ingredients, and effectiveness of the drug, they got the very much insignificant answers. This made a point that Americans have very lamentable knowledge about generic drugs. Generic drugs are very much famous in United States, but still many people are unaware of them. This is because still only 36% of generic drugs sale is reported. With only this much sale it allowed US govt. to save around $370 in last decade. Generic drugs are proving their significance through the last decade, but still people believe the age old myths like generic drugs are inferior in quality. This may be because of the negative publicity done by some branded companies to put down the demand of generic drugs.

The main reason why people are shifting from the branded drugs to generic drugs is because of the prices. But, they do not know anything about the active constituent or formulation of the drug. This is really shocking but it is true. Various seminars were arranged by the FDA in order to explain people when and how to buy the generic drugs, but nobody attended them. But, govt. really wants everyone to understand that what are generic drugs? Otherwise due to the inadequate knowledge and unawareness even the fake drugs are being sold under the generic drugs name. Even many doctors still are not having any information about the generic drugs and they are still sticking up to the option of the prescription drugs.

The survey was carried out in the 15 states in United States. The American citizens were first asked the general questions about generic drugs, and then which generic drugs they use. It was reported that many people were still unaware of the generic drugs and whoever were having an idea were generally having the negative impact about the generic drugs. The answers were not based on any facts, but just on the mouth to mouth negative publicity about the generic drugs. The doctors were also included in the survey. Only 23% doctors use to prescribe the generic drugs and only when any patient use to ask for this. So, this negligence also affected the sale of the generic drugs. Whoever were using generic drugs were either recommended by the pharmacist or they use to purchase them from the online pharmacies.

The survey really made us aware about the original condition of the generic drugs in United States. The US president, Obama, is supporting the generic drugs, but still his message is not reaching clearly to the people. Generic drugs manufacturers are arranging a lot of schemes to impress the customer but due to the misguided support from the doctors and pharmacist are failing to reach to the customer. Some big pharmacy chains are even not selling the generic drugs because they feel they are of inferior quality, but the main reason is that they are getting too much profits from the branded drugs and thus don’t want to promote the use of generic drugs.

Everyone should understand that generic drugs are exact replica of the branded drugs and they are no way inferior to the branded drugs. The working and effect of the generic drugs is exactly the same as that of the branded drug. The cost of the generic drugs are low as they don’t spend too much amount of money on research, clinical trials, advertising and marketing of the product as these all things are already carried out by the branded drugs manufacturer. The people should understand that there are no side effects of the generic drugs more than branded drugs. Both, generic drug as well as branded drug contains the same active constituent. Don’t be in doubt about the quality of the generic drugs and start buying generic drugs today as you can save around 60% of the money.