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How Sam Left His Smoking Habit?

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Posted by on Monday, August 17, 2009, 4:42
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smokingSam is an artist by profession. His paintings are so realistic that it gets hard to make difference between real life and his paintings. The way he studies the particular scene and interprets it is really marvelous. I always think that he is gifted, without the supreme powers blessing such things are really impossible. But, as we say every coin has two sides. Even Sam’s life has another side that really is shocking. He is being divorced thrice and no woman is happy with him. What’s the reason nobody knows, but everyone says that he lives with the cigarette more than with his ladylove. When asked to Sam, he replies that without cigarette he can’t paint. Smoking is like a mandatory act for him to smoke the cigarette whenever he has to make the paintings. Painting is passion for him, but without cigarette it stays incomplete.

Sam is now married again fourth time to a beautiful looking girl, Alanna. This time it was again a love story for Sam, which converted into the marriage. Alanna and Sam met at the exhibition of his painting and they both were so reluctant that everybody understood that new story is here to begin. Alanna is just 22; she is 20 years younger to Sam. Really a lucky fellow, everyone is always jealous of him. They planned a trip together to the Alaska for their honeymoon. Sam was like okay with the honeymoon, but for Alanna it was her first time to enjoy the great ride of love. She was very excited about it. They reached Alaska on Saturday night; both were exhausted by the journey.

It all started on the Sunday morning when Sam as usual instead of paying attention towards his newly wed wife was busy smoking and painting, by watching the splendiferous beauty or Alaskan skies. Alanna was okay as she understands that painting was part of his life. Days passed by, it was nearly the next Friday, but still nothing happened between them. Sam was just busy smoking and painting. The situation was getting more frustrating for Alanna. One day she decided to take an initiative and try to seduce Sam. The things worked even Sam got involved in the sexual act. Alanna was very happy for this, but it was a real eye opening situation for her. Sam ended up in 2 minutes even before she was aroused. This was more frustrating for her as he slept away and left her unsatisfied.

Later on the situation become more serious as Alanna was ready for sex, but Sam use to deny always as he was ashamed of his condition in the bed. One day Alanna decided to ask Sam what’s the matter. She asked the Sam when he was in a very good mood. Sam was little bit embarrassed by the question, but later on he replied that he is impotent and is not able to satisfy the women and that’s the reason of his last 3 divorce. Alanna really felt bad about him. She asked Sam, whether he visited any doctor for his problem, but he declined and said that he was really ashamed of his condition and doesn’t want anybody to know about it. Alanna told him that, “we will visit the doctor secretly.” He agreed. They both visited to doctor, he told that Sam needs to quit smoking first if he wants to overcome impotence. This was really a difficult condition for Sam. Doctor suggested him to take the generic Zyban tablet that will help him to quit smoking easily.

Alanna decided that she will support Sam to quit smoking habit. Sam was not ready at all to quit smoking, but due his failures in the bed. He agreed to take the generic Zyban pills regularly. Alanna even paid a good attention that Sam doesn’t smoke. It was after a week that Sam noted a change. He used to smoke at least 20 cigarettes in a day, but now he was smoking only 10 cigarettes in a day. This was the first positive sign. Later on his cigarette intake reduced considerably to 1 cigarette in a day. Doctor has advised both of them to not get indulged in sex until he give-up cigarette completely. It was after 4 months that Sam was able to quit smoking completely with the help of the generic Zyban pills. The same night they got indulged in the sex, Alanna was surprised to see that Sam was able to last stronger during the entire sexual act. This story thus ended with their happy married life. So, the way Sam quit smoking, I think you all must quit smoking to stay active in your sex life.