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How Rick Became Daddy at 55?

Posted by on Monday, May 11, 2009, 5:27
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how-rick-became-daddyGeneric Viagra proved miraculous once again. A 55-year-old man named Rick from Ethiopia, who was declared as impotent, is now a parent of the baby boy, and is thanking to generic Viagra. This happened when Rick married for second time and was still not able to have a baby. His wife’s doctor friend advised to take the Kamagra (a generic Viagra pill) and Rick’s sex life changed and he was able to make his wife pregnant. Really a miracle because the medical science declared Rick as impotent, but Viagra proved it wrong and gifted Rick with the most astonished gift of his life. Rick was so overwhelmed with the joy that he distributed Kamagra pills as a free gift among his friends.

Rick got married around 30 years ago and was a very happy man, but his life soon transformed to hell as he was not able to make his wife pregnant. Whenever he use try for the penetrative sex he use to fail and the transfer the sperms to the woman’s womb use to fail. This lead to the problems in their relationship and finally there marriage ended with the divorce. Everybody was feeling sorry for him, but nobody gave a helping hand to him and his social and professional life was also affected adversely by it. Rick was a very sharp and intelligent person, but due to this problem he really got disheartened and started losing interest in his life and tried to do suicide, but was saved by some of his friends.

Rick was then not at all happy with the life and was just was living life for the sake of surviving. He was 53 at this time and thinking of ending his life once again. Suddenly his life changed and a beautiful lady named Shelly entered his life as a personal secretary. Rick found her very attractive and she was also showing a positive signs of interest in him. Rick was always very good in his work and the way in the he use to behave with women. This worked as a good sign in his favor. And, both of them started getting very close to each other. The things changed suddenly and one day Rick proposed her and she accepted with the romantic smile on her page.

Shelly was a very sweet person. She was a widowed woman with an 8-year-old daughter. The marriage ceremony was decided on the February 14th, but Rick was thinking a lot about his problem and was in doubt whether to tell her or not. But, with the lot of mind work he decided to clear the things and called Shelly over to his house and told her that he is impotent, she was really awestricken by what he said, but later on she told that she is not marrying him only to have babies. She said that she like him as a person and that is the reason why she wants to marry him. Thus, Rick gave a sigh of relief as he has cleared the cloud and she really was happy with Rick’s as he doesn’t want to hide anything from her.

They got married and both were very much happy about there relationship, but the feeling of impotency was always in the mind of the Rick and this was making him feel inferior to others. Shelly understood this and she took Rick to meet her doctor friend who was a well-known sexologist. The doctor checked Rick thoroughly and advised him to take the generic Viagra pills an hour before the sexual intercourse. Rick was very much reluctant and he said to doctor that he is declared as impotent by the medical science and how could this pill help him. Doctor just said, try it and you will see the difference. Rick took the prescription and got the pills.

It was this night that Rick overcame his impotence problem. Shelly asked him to take the generic Viagra pill and then they had sex. Rick was really surprised with the kind of erection he got, and first time in the life he was to have the penetrative sex. Rick was then so interested in the sex that he did it on every night with the help of the generic Viagra. And, the result was up course that his wife, Shelly, got pregnant and gave a birth to a baby boy. So, if you are facing any of the problems don’t think that is incurable because medical science has progressed a lot and you can find the solution to all the ailments through it. So, all the oldies who have spent the childless life can try out generic Viagra, but please consult your doctor before using it.

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