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Health Benefits of Love

Posted by on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 22:56
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Love has a great impact on human health. The health of the person who receives his share of love from his family members, friends, and colleagues is found to be healthier than others. Here, the love I am talking is not just between the couples, it could be between mother and child, daughter and father, brother and sister, or even two brothers. As is said, that love can cure many diseases. There is no evidence of this, but still I believe that love is next to God. As the supreme one can solve your all health problems, similarly even “Love has a healing power” You never know how it works but it works and many of you must have felt it. If not then I assure you that you will notice it once in life. Health has a numerous health benefits, some of them I am mentioning below:

1. Helps to fight depression. Love helps to combat the depression. A person generally feels depressed when he fails in his life or nobody respects him. But, Love can significantly improve your way of thinking and brings a tide of happiness in the life that makes you to combat the depression; you learn to think about the life in a different way.

2. Maintains the blood pressure at normal level. Love gives a feeling of satisfaction to the person that helps him to feel relaxed when in company with his loved ones. This helps a lot maintain his blood pressure levels. It has been noted that person loves his partner and lives happily with him/her very rarely faces the problem of the blood pressure. Blood pressure is disturbed when your are disturbed, but love helps you to balance the life and you are no longer disturb as your loved ones support you during the crises. Thus, your blood pressure levels are maintained at the normal level.

3. Love helps to manage stress. Love has a soothing effect like a mint that helps the person to manage the stress. It relaxes the person and makes him happy in the life, which in turn helps the person to manage stress. Love helps the person to be emotionally strong and this helps to fight back at any unsteady situation in his life. In fact love is the blessing given by god as medicines on his problems. You can even call “LOVE” as “PANACEA drug.”

4. Love has power to control the pain. Yes, it is true it acts somewhat as a pain killer. It was noticed by the survey that was conducted in London. Sixteen happily married couples participated in the study that checked the pain control mechanism in them. It was observed that they were facing very less pain in comparison to capability of the normal person to face the pain. This happens as love activates the part of brain that helps in pain management.

5. Faster Healing is a benefit of Love. It is the power of love that helps to treat your wounds faster. You must have noticed that when you are ill, and stay with your loved ones, your wound gets treated easily, whereas when you are alone it takes a lot of time to heal your wounds. That’s the effect of love that is unmatched till today. Love works both at emotional and mental level. Love creates a positive energy that acts on your mind and affects your body directly. This ultimately leads to the treatment of wounds very easily.

This are the few benefits of love that I have experienced I know there are many more and even papers would be less to write them. So, get love and give love because this will in all help you to live longer as your health would be good always.