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Fitness Tips: Economical Ways to Remain Fit

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2010, 4:05
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Money is very important factor in the life and especially in the time of recession, so everyone wants to do as much savings as possible. But, nobody can mess with their health and to remain fit is the need of the time, so we need to spend a lot of money for joining gym, having protein shakes, etc. But, here is even a way to remain fit and fine even without joining gym or yoga classes.

Economical ways to remain fit are as follows:

Balanced Diet

Eating the balanced diet is the first and foremost method to remain fit. Having a perfect combination of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and fats in the daily diet is the route to stay healthy. It has noted during the studies that people who eat the balanced diet never face the health issues very rarely. Balanced diet is the base of healthy lifestyle. The other important benefit is that for taking the balanced diet there is no need to invest any more money because it includes only the food stuffs that are common and are available at very costs in comparison to the fast food items like Pizzas. Also fix your daily diet routine and try to maintain it. This will help your body to develop a food routine cycle that will help you to remain fit and fine.

Drink Water

Drinking adequate water is the best way to live healthy and disease-free life. Water is the stimulant that energizes all the body functions and helps them to perform properly. Water is the most essential element in the body that keeps the body weight in control. Excessive body weight caused by the carbohydrates and fats can be controlled by adequate water intake. Drinking water washes out the unessential carbohydrates and fats in the body leading to control weight gain and avoid obesity. Water intake also keeps you mental health at its best, additionally increasing the memory of the person. Drinking water regularly is very much economical and also keeps the health of the individual at its best.

Cleaning and Gardening

Cleaning process and gardening are the processes that require a lot of physical exercise that helps the person to burn the unhealthy weight and burn the unessential calories. Cleaning stands for cleaning vehicle, house, roads, or anything that you feel to keep clean. Even keeping you pet clean requires a lot of effort. Cleaning process involves lot of bodily work which helps to keep the person fit and fine. Even the gardening process requires plowing, removing weeds, planting and harvesting trees. This process keeps your body weight in control and gives a perfect shape to your body. This process has dual advantage, you can remove your house cleaner so that money is saved and your body will also be in good shape saving money for gyms.


By walking daily you can remain slim and fit. Your body will remain in perfect shape as you walk for about 20 minutes daily. Walking daily can save a lot of money; you can certainly go to the office walking instead of taking a cab or bus. This exercise will not only keep you fit and fine, but will also increase your savings. Walking daily keeps your weight in control and if you are overweight then it will help you to lose the excessive pounds in short duration of time. Walking increases the metabolism rates so converts the unsaturated carbohydrates to saturated ones and digest them so that the weight gain in controlled.

Masturbation or Sex

Masturbation for those who are unmarried and sex for those who are married can serve to be a very good method to remain fit and fine. Masturbation or sex performed for about 10 minutes burns more than 1000 calories, which helps the men to keep his weight in control. Sex is the form of an exercise which provides the entire body workout. During the sex session thighs, arms, pelvis, chest, back, shoulders, and legs are exercised leading to getting into a good body shape. Many studies are being published explaining that men or women who indulge in sex regularly are found to be fit and healthy than others who engage in sex rarely. So, sex is turned out to be an economical form of exercise that induces fitness.

These tips will surely help you to remain fit without any expenditure.