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Fashion Rules for Men

Posted by on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 23:00
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Fashion is not what you like; it is what looks good on you. Please remember that clothing should be as per the occasion and you must never forget this point. There are some basic fashion rules that everyone must follow to look good. Women are generally found to be good with these fashion rules as they have a good instinct of fashion and style, but men are not good in these things. Men generally don’t pay that much attention towards this and thus look clumsy and unattractive. Style quotient of the men is very less, and even their knowledge about what to wear and what not to wear is very lamentable. So, here are some fashion rules that men must remember every time they dress—

1. The first fashion rule that men should pay attention towards is to dress as per the occasion. For every occasion there is a different dressing style. Remember that if you are going for a party dress like a party, and if you are going for an interview dress for it. You need to understand the difference when to wear what. There are various resources online or in the book format that may help you to learn more about fashion as per the occasion.

2. The next fashion rule is that always match your shoes color with your belt. This is a very simple rule to follow and shows a good fashion sense. For belt colors please select the traditional colors like black, brown, or tan because only these color shoes looks better and creates a style impact. Also remember that shoes if you are wearing the sport shoes and jeans then you can go for some other style of belts. So, here also the fashion as per the occasion is important.

3. Matching tie with the shirt is the one of the important fashion rules that must be remembered by every man while dressing. You can up course use some different styles, but please don’t be in absolute contrast. You can also match the tie color with the pants. This is latest trend and even looks attractive. Next time whenever you dress for a party or for a conference remember this point. Nowadays even the latest style ties have come in the market, which are little fancy but can look great so if you want to experiment then you can certainly go for these fancy items, but please don’t wear them for any important meetings.

4. Pants with flat front or pleats are what we generally wear, but there is rule for wearing these pants also. Remember that flat fronts are mostly suitable for the men who are bit fat and want to look thin. Pants with pleats are generally a good choice for the thin men because it makes them look bit bulky and their overall personality is highlighted. Men should note their proper fitting patterns should be noted while selecting the trousers. But, one thing I would like to add here is that always wear a well ironed pant and avoid wearing the pants with too many wrinkles on it.

5. Socks plays a very important role in overall personality of an individual. The official rule for socks is that they should match with color of your pants. You can slightly mess with this rule by using the slightly different shade socks. But, avoid wearing the perfectly opposite combination and do not wear the white socks with the combination of dark pants. Also avoid wearing the shoes without socks because this may make you look really bad.

These are basic fashion rules for the men that should be followed by every man whenever he wants to dress for some important occasion.