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Common Causes of Hair Loss

Posted by on Tuesday, November 10, 2009, 3:41
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hair-lossHair loss has now become a household problem. At least one person from the family is facing the problem of hair loss nowadays. The issue of hair loss was previously noted only in the old people, but today the stage has come that even young people are facing the problem of baldness. Hair loss is simply described as the continuous falling of the hairs without any particular reason. Many people face the problem of baldness because they neglect the hair loss issue. You need to take the proper hair care in order to avoid the hair loss. The most common causes of hair loss are as mentioned below:

1. Hormonal imbalance is the most common cause of the hair loss in men and women. In most of the cases of the hair loss, hormonal changes is noted the reason behind it. The excessive production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone is the main cause of the hair loss. This dihydrotestosterone sticks to the hair follicles and loosens there grip from the head. Even the nutrient supply to the hairs is being disturbed due to this which later on leads to the thinning of the hairs. Thus, the hair fall is being boosted.

2. Applying too much oil on the hairs is another cause of the hair loss that is being observed. Due to the excessive amount of the oil the pores on the hairs get closed and the supply of the nutrients is being disturbed. This weakens the hairs and they fall off. Even the growth of new hairs is being retarded due to this. Applying oil in moderate amount is helpful for the hair growth, but in excess will certainly affect the hair growth adversely.

3. Hair loss is being noted to be occurring hereditary in some cases. The person whose one of the parents is suffering with the hair loss is double the times prone to the hair loss issues. There are some genes that are found to be responsible for the hair loss causes but still the research studies are going on to find out the particular gene sequence that promotes the hair loss.

4. Washing the hairs too roughly during the bath loosens the hairs from the base and they fall on when you try to dry them with the drier. Even using the comb with tight bristles also leads to the loosening of the hairs and sometimes even makes the hairs to move forcibly that puts the pressure on the hairs and they are removed from the base. So, using of comb with loose bristles is recommended.

5. Infection of the scalp causes hair loss in the small children and young teens. The fungal infections on the scalp are noted to be most commonly occurring. They destroy the hair follicles completely and lead to the hair loss. For this I would suggest washing the hairs thoroughly with the anti-fungal shampoos to get rid of these infections. Also try to keep your hair clean from dust and other particles to avoid infection.

6. Excessive stress whether physical or mental can lead to the hair loss. The unhealthy lifestyle that we are living is the main cause of the stress problem that we are facing. Due to the stress the nutrient supply to the hair is reduced. This results in the thinning of the hairs, which later on causes hair loss or breaking of the hairs.

7. Pregnancy is being noted to cause hair loss in some women. During the pregnancy or even after child birth the hormonal levels in the body fluctuate a lot due to which the hair loss is being boosted.

These are the most commonly observed causes of the hair loss. You need to take a good hair care to avoid the negative impact of these things on your hairs.