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Available Modes of Treatments for Hair Loss

Posted by on Tuesday, November 17, 2009, 3:51
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Hair lossDue to the advances in the medical science it is now possible to overcome the hair loss completely. Previously if the person gets bald then there was no way that he/she can get the hairs back, but today if the complete bald person can get back the thick and dense hairs. Hair loss is no more a problem of concern. Whatever may be the cause of the hair loss, you can cure it easily by opting for the suitable option. Various modes of treatments are available for the treatment of the hair loss. Here are some of the most effective modes of treatments of the hair loss.

1. Finasteride, Proscar/Propecia

Finasteride is the best way to overcome the hair loss. It is the oral medication that is being approved by the Food and Drug administration. Whatever may be the cause of the hair loss you can simply combat it with the intake of the Finasteride. It is sold in the market under the brand name Propecia and Proscar. Within 6 to 8 months you can see the complete hair growth on the bald patches with the intake of the Finasteride. The recommended dosage of the Finasteride is 1 mg in a day. Fix the one timing for the dosage.

2. Minoxidil (loniten)

Male pattern baldness can be completely treated with the help of the Minoxidil. It is the first drug to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It first stops the process of the hair loss and then promotes the hair growth on the bald areas. It treats the hair loss irrespective of its cause. Old as well young men can use the Minoxidil to cure the hair loss. Whoever has used this medicine is satisfied with the results. It is advisable to consult the doctor before taking this medication because he may suggest you the suitable dosage depending on your overall health. This mode of treatment can also be utilized by the women.

3. Aldactone / Spironolactone

This is an effective treatment for the hair loss in women. It basically works by controlling the production of the dihydrotestosterone. It resolves the hair loss problem caused by the hormonal imbalance. You need to take this medication regularly for about 2 months to see the hair regrowth effects. Whatever may be the cause of the hair loss, you can use aldactone to cure baldness in women. It is advisable to consult the doctor before using this medication.

4. Hormonal therapy

This method is used to increase the concentration of the necessary hormones in the body to promote the hair loss. The complete hair regrowth can be achieved through this process if the hormonal imbalance problem is being cured. While using this therapy for men, the concentration of the testosterone is being increased, which allow the good hair growth. Thus, baldness problem is being resolved. In women the levels of the hormone progesterone are being increased by giving the hormone pills. This helps to promote the hair regrowth. Once the hormone levels are okay then hair regrowth is observed.

5. Hair Transplant Surgery

This method includes the surgery in which the plants from the healthy region are replanted in the bald areas. Thus, it is known as hair transplant surgery. This is one of the most effective methods of treating the hair loss. Its success rate is above 95%. The only drawback with this option is it price, hair transplant surgery is very expensive mode of treatment for hair loss. And, the advantage of this method is that you get the complete hair growth within 2 months.

These are the available modes of treatment for hair loss, you can use any of them depending on your budget and doctor’s advice.