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Factors Contributing to Excessive Weight Gain

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Excessive weight gain has become a very common problem nowadays. Previously very few people use to suffer with this disease, but nowadays many people are noted to be facing the issue of excessive weight gain. Even young kids and teenagers are suffering with this problem. Weight gain if not treated in time may result into the various other health disorders like heart attack, blood pressure, diabetes, and many more. The most common outcome of the excessive weight gain is obesity. This happens when the undigested fats and carbohydrates start putting the adverse impact on the other body parts. Healthy weight is good for the fitness but please take a good care that it never gets above the boundary and you get prone to excessive weight gain.

One of the major factors contributing to the excessive weight gain is the uncontrolled intake of the fats and carbohydrates. When a person eats foods rich in carbohydrates and fats then they enter the body where they are digested. Due to the excessive amount of the fats and carbohydrates body fails to digest all. The undigested fats and carbohydrates are stored in the body. As a result of this you start to see the bulky stomach, which is the first sign of the excessive weight gain. Later on you will notice that all your body structure is becoming bulky day-by-day. Thus, you get prone to the excessive weight gain.

Nowadays, most of the jobs that we people are doing demand us to sit at the one place. Lack of physical activity is what we do. This is another important factor that is contributing to the excessive weight gain. Due to this the food in our body stays undigested. Some of the food is thrown and some is stored in the body. This stored food starts increasing the weight of the person. The person remains unaware and suddenly on a day one of his friends tells him that he has gained a lot of weight. This is how we excessive weight gain problem is becoming so common.

The people who are suffering with the diabetes are noted to be gaining a weight at the faster pace than normal healthy individual. Diabetes is one of the factors that make the person prone to the excessive weight gain. The more amount of the sugar in the body slows down the metabolism process. This leads to the deposition of the unwanted fats and carbohydrates in the body. As a result the excessive weight gain is being noted.

Hormonal imbalance results in the excessive weight gain. The less amounts of the testosterone in the body of the men and decrease in the level of the oestrogen in the women’s body affects the digestion process. Fat absorption process of the destructed and the body. Menopause is also being linked to the excessive weight gain in women. So, try to maintain the proper hormone levels in the body to stay away from the excessive weight gain.

Stress and lack of sleep contribute to the excessive weight gain. Stress boosts the weight gain as it slows down the digestion process, which ultimately results in deposition of unwanted fats and carbohydrates in the body. Due to the inconsistent sleep a person the energy in the person’s body is not utilized thus the combustion of the fats is stopped. As a result the fats are stored in the body and you start gaining the weight.

Hypothyroidism is the major contributing factor to the excessive weight gain. Due to the malfunctioning of the thyroid gland the necessary amount of the enzymes required to digest food are not produced. This way the essential nutrients in the body remain undigested and are of no help to the body. As a result they get accumulated in the body are results in excessive weight gain.

These are few common factors that lead to the excessive weight gain. Remember to keep a good watch on these factors to stay away from various other health complications caused due to the excessive weight gain.

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