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Triumphing Over Impotence

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Even though the affected think that they are the only ones tormented by this condition the fact is that there are several men suffering with the same condition. Embarrassment about Erectile Dysfunction is very common in most men and they happen to live through this alone for they feel too inhibited even to talk about this with their partners.

Men and even their partners are very well aware of how they dread going to the doctor in order to get ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION treated. The simple prospect of having to talk about such a thing with a stranger gives them a scare. Wives many attempts have been futile to take their husbands to be treated they merely refuse to go.

A professional medical help is of utmost importance more so if the condition has been present for a long time; but still you can try your hands with a few other things before you have to go take that much feared path to the doctors.

Both physical and psychological factors lead to or cause ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. An increase in the age leads to an increase in erecting related problems. Studies show that among all men over the age of forty; forty percent will have some sort of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. The onset o this condition can be either sudden or gradual.

Depression and low self esteem many times accompanies ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION because this condition does not lead to a decrease in sex drive. Always remember that you are not the only one, there are many facing the same problem. Do not loose hope

Inability of the body to provide sufficient blood flow to the penis results in erectile problems. Being overtly anxious over a mere physical problem only aggravates and exaggerates the situation. Among the psychological problems that can cause ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION stress, anxiety and insecurity are the most significant.

There are many ways to reduce or possibly eliminate the psychological reasons causing the ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION avoid alcohol. Alcoholism tends to decrease the blood flow to the penis and hence should be reduced if not avoided cease smoking for the same reasons as for giving up alcoholismbring down the cholesterol level. Increase in cholesterol would mean a narrowing of blood vessels and this will not bat al be helpful for erection fatigue other than causing ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION can also decrease your sex drive which can result in lots of relationship problemsreduce stress and anxiety by any means possible.

Them both being the two main psychological issues that are held responsible for ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. Do not be afraid to talk. Confide in your therapist and definitely in your partner and talk about the problem. This will for sure decrease your anxiety and stress. There are still other ways to bust stress these includes going on long evening walks, playing your favorite sport or just about any other thing that works for you. Most importantly learn to deal with every problem as early as it is possible for putting them off creates a lot of tension and worry.

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