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Old Age Is a Main Causal Factor of Impotence

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2010, 4:08
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Old age is the main cause of impotence as maximum numbers of the impotence patients are found to be 50 yeas and above. Impotence is also found in young men, but is more prevalent in oldies. Impotence is the failure in the men in achieving the erection or sustaining the erection during the sexual activity. Impotence is caused by the inadequate blood supply to the male reproductive organ during the sexual activity. In the old age the amount of the blood in the body is reduced and even the blood circulation in the body is not proper. Thus the blood flow to male reproductive system is inadequate, which certainly leads to the erection problems during the sex.

Old men are very much prone to variety of abnormal health conditions. Disease like diabetes, blood pressure, and heart diseases are found to be very common in the old men. These diseases directly or indirectly affect the functioning of the male reproductive system, which ultimately leads to the impotence. Diabetes increases the sugar levels in the body, which leads to increase the blood density. Thus, the blood flow is affected and the blood doesn’t flow freely to the penis when required. As a result a person faces the problems in getting the erection during the sexual activity. Heart diseases like atherosclerosis leads to the deposition of the plaque in the veins and arteries. As a result, blood supply to the different body parts in blocked. So, the men fail to achieve the strong and long-lasting erections during the sexual copulation.

The testosterone production in the old men is found to be reduced which is also one of the causes of the impotence. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that guides the functioning of the male sex organs up to some extent. Sexual libido and sexual behavior of the man is dependent on the testosterone levels in the body. Thus, if the testosterone level is reduced male libido is affected, which ultimately leads to the failure in getting the erections.

During the old age the muscles and nerves in the body gets loose. The penile muscles also get loose due to the old age. This way the necessary support for the penis to stay erect is not available, so old men tend to get the soft erections and they also lose these erections bit quickly. The nervous system of the old men is found to be working very slowly which ultimately leads the improper functioning of the signals from the nervous system This affects the signals that are send by the brain to the male reproductive system after the sexual stimulation. As a result, men fail to respond to the sexual stimulation and are not able to achieve the erection during the sexual activity.

Till today, maximum numbers of the impotence patients noted are the old men. Even the old men who have undergone the chemotherapy or radiation therapy to treat the prostate gland disorders also fail to get the strong erections. Old age reduces the resistance power of the men, which makes them prone to many hazardous diseases. This reduces their stamina. As a result these men end up too quickly in the bed. Many studies were conducted to know about the occurrence of the impotence in the different age groups. All the studies have concluded that most of the patients of impotence are old men. Old age is the reason for many diseases and now is also a reason for the impotence. But there is no need to worry because old men can overcome the impotence problem with the help of the generic Viagra.