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Health Advice: Take Medicines Only After Consulting the Doctor

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2010, 4:48
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Medicines are the basic necessity of every individual after food, clothing, and shelter. We all take them sometimes with the doctor’s advice and sometimes without it. So, here I would like to request all readers that medicines should be taken only and only after consulting to the doctor. Medicines are up course help us to overcome abnormal health condition, but they also harm your health if you take them without the need. Even the excessive intake of the medicines should be avoided because they may cause the serious health hazards. Medicines are live saving drugs don’t make them life threatening by misusing them. Medicines are good if you take them as per the doctor’s recommendations and if you misuse them then you are certainly has to face the consequences.

Many deaths have been reported till today due to the misuse of the medicines, so please be careful you may be the next. Stop taking the medicine today if you have not consulted the doctor before it. This could be very dangerous. This is genuinely, an important advice from the staff of the Pharmaexpressrx to all its customers that please consult the doctor before they buy any medicines from our website. Many people think that once they have met the doctor for the disease then during the next time it is okay to take that medicine without consulting the doctor. But, I would like to bring it to the notice that we never know what the real cause of the disease is. It is only the doctor who can find it out on the basis of the laboratory tests that what is affecting our health. So, please visit the doctor every time before you take the medicine.

Every one whether young or old, women or man, and children or even new born baby requires the medicine. So, prescribing medicines is a very responsible task. Doctors undergo a full four years course to learn about these medicines and where to use them. Thus, there is no point in challenging their authority in the field of medicines. In fact doctor’s always try to improve our health. Even the shops that sales the medicines have to get the license from the government to run the shop. But, we are ones who are most irresponsible. To save few bugs we don’t visit the doctor and put our life in high risk by taking the medications without any doctor’s guidance.

Various options are available to buy the medicines. But, I would like to tell you all that please buy medicines only from the authentic drug store. Remember that if there is any problem in the quality of the drug then it may harm your health. So, while buying the medicines please check whether what you are buying is proper or just a fake drug that may harm you health. Doctors play a very significant role in our society they are ones who care for out health more than us. So, we should never disrespect their authority because they understand that what health problem we are facing.

Whenever we take any medicine without consulting the doctor, we just take that medicine. We forget to take the other medicine that is minimizes the adverse effect of the medicine that was also prescribed by the doctor. You must have noted that a doctor generally prescribes 2 medicines one for what is our problem and other for reducing the harmful impacts of the particular medicine. This is what we miss and suffer with the harmful impacts of the drugs. I would like to suggest here that we are not doctors and so should avoid taking the medicines on our own. So, please consult the doctor before using any of the medicines.