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Generic Xenical to Control Excessive Weight Gain

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2010, 4:34
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Generic Xenical is the medication that helps the person to control the excessive weight gain. It helps the person to stay fit and fine. Orlistat is the key ingredient of the generic Xenical that promotes the weight loss process in the obese people. Within a few months time you would be able to maintain your weight at normal level with the intake of this medication. It has been noted that fat men were able to lose about 5 to 7 pounds in a month with the help of these pills. If you do the daily exercise and control your diet in addition to the generic Xenical pills then you may to able to achieve the weight loss fast. Whoever has used this medication is satisfied with the weight loss results he has attained in a short span of time.

Excessive weight gain is getting a problem of concern as large numbers of people worldwide are suffering with it. The main cause behind this excessive weight gain is noted to be the intake of the fat and carbohydrate rich food. Lack of the physical activity is also one of the reasons for the excessive weight gain. Obesity is even noted to be hereditary in many cases. The person who has a family history of obesity is found to be double the times prone to the excessive weight gain problem. In United States alone, more than 40% of the people are facing the problem of excessive weight gain.

Many other diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and heart disorders are directly or indirectly related to the obesity. Sometimes intake of some medications for the prolonged period may also result in the excessive weight gain. Generic Xenical solves the problem of excessive weight gain irrespective of its cause. Even your age doesn’t matter for the treatment of this pill. But, it is advisable for the old man to consult the doctor and tell him about any other medication they are taking and about any health problem. Generic Xenical pills help to achieve the weight loss in the stipulated time if he takes the recommended dosage without missing it.

Generic Xenical dosage is recommended to 60 mg thrice in a day. Take the dosage of this drug one hour after every meal. This would be very beneficial as it will not allow any fats and carbohydrates to get deposited in the body. As a result the excessive weight gain is stopped. Later on the stored fats and carbohydrates in the body are utilized this promotes the weight loss in the person. Generic Xenical does this in the body by inhibiting the enzyme pancreatic lipase that is responsible for the conversion of the fats and carbohydrates in the body to the fatty acids that are stored in the body and increases the fatness. But, one this is sure that it doesn’t suppresses the appetite of the person like other weight loss medications.

Remember that generic Xenical must be taken strictly as per the doctor’s recommendations avoid taking it in excess because it may cause too much weight loss that may be harmful to your health. Take this pill for the limited period of time. It is not recommended for the use in fatness during the pregnancy because it may harm the fetus. Children below 12 years of age should not be given generic Xenical because it may harm their overall health or development of secondary sexual characteristics. The best thing about generic Xenical is that you don’t have to worry about any side effects if you take it as directed by the physician and also the occurrence of the side effects is noted in only 1% individuals that is nearly negligible. So, if you want to control the excessive weight gain then you have a very good and affordable option known as generic Xenical.