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Generic Drugs Vs. Branded Drugs—A Helpful Information for Patients

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Should I buy generic drug or branded drug is always the confusion in the mind of an individual. Generic drugs are same as the branded drugs but still many people think that them as the inferior quality drugs due to the low costs. So, please remember that generic drugs are no way inferior to branded drugs and they are very much safe and effective. So, clear you confusion about generic drugs and branded drugs read out the below mentioned article, which will clearly give you the information about the differences and similarities between the generic drugs and braded drugs.

Generic Drugs

Branded Drugs

Generic Drugs are those drugs that are manufactured by using the same active constituent that was used in branded drug.

Branded Drug is prepared by lot of research because it is entirely a process of new drug formation.

Generic Drug is manufactured for only the drugs whose patent is being expired or is not protected by the patent.

Branded drugs are manufactured by discovery the new formulation.

Generic Drugs are exact replica of the branded drugs

Branded drugs are not the replica of any other drug.

Generic drugs functions in the same way as the branded drugs.

Branded follows the unique pattern of working that no other drug follows.

Generic Drugs are equally effective like the branded drugs

Branded drugs effect is perfect to cure the ailment.

Generic drugs are manufactured in the high class facilities that meet the international standards specified by FDA and WHO.

Branded drugs are manufactured by the very big pharmacy giants so there is no question about the quality.

Generic drugs are available in the market at very low costs (60% to 70% less) than branded drugs.

Branded drugs are very high is costs because they have done lot of investments in research of the drug.

Generic drugs are available with or without the prescription.

Branded drugs are allowed only with the prescription.

Generic drugs are allowed to be sold in the market only when they match the manufacturing guidelines and successfully pass out the quality tests put forth by the govt. agencies.

Branded drugs are sold in the market only after the successful clinical trials.

The side effects of the generic drugs are less than or same like the branded drugs.

The side effects of the branded drugs are as mentioned in the clinical trials.

Generic drugs are absolutely safe for use as their quality standards are verified.

Branded drugs are also safe for consumption.

Generic drugs are different than the branded drugs only in color and size as I is the rule of the FDA that generic drugs should be different in shape and color than the braded drug.

Branded drug is manufactured as per the perfect suitable color shape suited to the drug for the benefit of the customer.

Generic drugs can easily be obtained from the online pharmacies even without the prescription.

Branded drugs are sold through the online pharmacies, but prescription is mandatory.

I hope that all your doubts about the generic drugs are clear from the above mentioned points. So, from now on buy the generic drugs because they will not only give you relief from ailments but will also be saving your money to great extent.