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Fear of Impotence

Posted by on Friday, January 29, 2010, 3:18
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There is one fear common to all men, of all colors and creeds, of all ages and experiences. The fear of erectile dysfunction. Most men might not necessarily admit it but even the most confident male worries about a time in the future when his penis simply won’t respond. There are many possible causes for male impotence, both physiological and psychological, among them is diabetes and simply ageing. It’s a more common problem than most men are aware, or care to admit. Most causes of erectile dysfunction are treatable, and for a long term fix you should consider contacting your health care provider. If however you just want something to help you maintain an erection for one night, read on. Generic Viagra has been popularized primarily by the Internet as well as cheaper air travel to foreign destinations were Generic Viagra is part of day to day life, you so often find adverts in your junk mail folder promoting Generic Viagra, and it could be the answer for you. Sure, in the past you’ve dismissed it, but it can have its advantages.

The effect Generic Viagra, which is made of a compound known as sildenafil, had on the penis was found somewhat by mistake, it was originally developed in England as a treatment for patients with high blood pressure, and you can probably imagine that it came as somewhat of a surprise to the first clinical trialists to take the drug that it induced involuntary erections. It was after these trials that scientists decided to offer the drug as a treatment for erectile problems. What Generic Viagra does, put simply, is relax the cushions around the helicine arteries, allowing blood flow to the penis to increase. Common side effects to Viagra and similar drugs include sneezing and headaches and while more serious side effects are rare they include stoke and hypotension. With this in mind, remember that it is always worth consulting a medical professional before taking any drug.

One myth about Generic Viagra is that it is an aphrodisiac, that it increases sexual drive and makes your partner more attractive, this is quite false and if this is what you’re looking for you should probably stick with oysters. Nonetheless Generic Viagra does increase a man’s ability to sustain an erection. Some may say that a long-term solution to erectile dysfunction is best, and perhaps this is true, but Generic Viagra and similar products are now very much in the limelight, they offer a quick fix (that is said to work for hours) that is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.