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Dressing Tips for Job Interview

Posted by on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 22:26
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Going for a job interview is very important part in one’s career. You need to present yourself in such a way that it creates an impact on the person who is taking your interview. Knowledge, skills, and confidence are up course important, but certainly along with these things dressing perfectly is also very important. The way you dress should bring to interviewer’s notice that you are the perfect candidate for the particular position in there organization. An improper dressing style can take away from you the most significant financial opportunity from you. Such is the importance of dressing perfectly.

Men are generally not good in dressing and this is what keeps them away from their dream job. So, mentioned below are some dressing tips for job interview.

1. Prefer wearing dark colored trousers. Formal trousers are the best option to wear for an interview. The best thing about this is you can wear any color shirt on it and still the combination will suit in a better way. Please wear the plane trousers, avoid wearing any print or big checks trouser. You can wear either “plateless” or platted trousers.

2. Wear the faint color shirt. This is in accordance with the above point. The combination of the faint shirt and dark trouser is best outfit for a job interview. You can wear even the lining shirt but they should thin not thick. Remember to do the put inn the shirt inside the trousers. Never wear the printed shirts for an interview.

3. Tie is the must thing to be worn on for the interview. Remember to match the tie in combination with the trouser and shirt. Dark color ties are best suited but wear nearly same color tie that matches with the color of the trouser. Avoid tie with any printing or stamping on it. Use the formal ties. Always make a double knot while tying the tie.

4. Shoes, should wear the dark shoes, must the formal one. Sports shoes are not at all allowed. The most favorable color must be black or brown. Please avoid wearing shoes with too much of heels. The necessary thing is that they must not be dusty. Polish them before you go for an interview. Polished shoes are very important as people think that person with polished shoes is well disciplined.

5. Wear the clean and washed socks and avoid wearing the white color socks, any other dark color would work. Remember that your socks should not stink. The best thing would be wear socks in combination with your trousers and shoes. Or you should have one more pair of socks in the pocket. So that you can change socks before you go for an personal interview.

6. V-neck shirts with collar are the best to wear for an interview. Please avoid wearing shirts with long collar because it doesn’t look good for an interview. Also remember that your clothes should be clean and without any dusty spots on them

7. Most important thing is to iron the clothes before you attain an interview. Clothes with wrinkles will not at all suitable. This gives a person a view that you are a very shabby person he feels that you will not do any work properly. Also give only perfect fitting clothes avoid wearing too tight or too loose clothes.

8. The dressing may differ slightly for jobs of different fields. If you going for the interview of conservative or cultural jobs. It would be better to wear suits for interviews. So, do the slight change like a printed shirt can be okay for an interview in cultural job, but may give negative points for conservative jobs.

9. Choose bright colored shirts, dull color shirts will not be able to attract the person. So, wear a bright shirts as it shows your confidence in yourself. Long sleeve, bright colored, faint shirts are best for an interview

10. Men are also nowadays started wearing jewelry, so don’t wear any more. One ring is okay in fingers. Even remove any piercing if you having on ears or eyebrows.

So, these are top 10 dressing tips for job interview for the men.