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Brand Vs Generic

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Brand name drug is a drug having a trade name and being protected by a patent name. Whereas expiration of a brand name’s patent gives birth to its generic version. Generic drugs can be produced by the same brand name manufacturer or can also be produced by someone else.

A generic drug is comprised of the same active ingredients as its brand name counterpart. Its inactive ingredients may be different from that of the later sometimes.

As the active ingredient is the same in both the drugs, they act similarly. The effectiveness and safety of both the medications are same. Both are consumed in the same way and the function of both the drugs is exactly similar.

Most of the times, it’s impossible to find out the difference between a brand name drug and its generic counterpart as far as its formation is concerned. But a normal individual can easily observe the difference as soon as he gives a look at the pills. Generic version and the brand name drug don’t look similar. No need to mention that they don’t share the same name. They don’t even share the same structure and color. It is must for a generic version to have a different look from its brand name counterpart. It’s because Food and Drugs Association (FDA) doesn’t allow a generic version to remain a look alike of its brand name counterpart.

Safety of generic drugs is inherited from their brand name counterparts. It can be judged from the extent of the later. After all only the difference in name, structure and color can’t make any difference to the safety factor.The same good manufacturing practices established by the FDA are followed to produce generic drugs.

The factor which everyone is gung ho about a medicine is the price. Generic drugs beat the brand versions in this context. One can get generic drugs at a much cheaper cost. What’s the reason? Why is the price so less, if the quality and active ingredients are same? Your stream of queries will stop when you come to know that it’s because of no additional charges for research, development, advertisement and promotion. The generic drug manufacturers don’t have to invest in above described fields. Again we can say that they inherit even the after promotion effects of their brand name. And research is not at all necessary as a generic drug is just a replica of its brand name. It follows the same formula of the later.

Similarities and Disimilarities between the brand name and the generic drugs:
  • Both follow the same good manufacturing practices established by FDA.
  • Both adopt a common formula.
  • Both have the same active ingredients in similar concentration.
  • Both are similar in terms of safety, function and effectual.
  • There is slight difference in the structure of the both.
  • Both differ in terms of color.
  • Brand name drugs are very much costlier than their generic versions.
  • Both may differ in terms of the contents regarding inactive ingredients.